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Back in the TCG making business.
« on: January 02, 2019, 12:02 pm »
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Been slowly starting a develop a new TCG. Largely based off of my old one I had on the original Sploder Forums, significantly changed because lots of things didn't make sense and had to be changed.

My previous approach was largely based off of Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone, with my own attempt and being original with some smaller things. Now I'm gone for a chess/TCG hybrid-style, so the game would actually be played on a board and you would move your units.

Each of the 6 Commanders represents a Faction and they each have their own Commander Ability (like the Hero Powers in Hearthstone). You always have one in your deck, and only one.

Commander Cards

Factions in case you don't remember them:
  • Pyrus is thematically designed as the "fire" faction. As such, mechanically they have lots of damage cards. Mostly a very aggressive faction.
  • Galacid is thematically designed as the "water" faction, opposite of Pyrus. Mostly based on control and playing the long game.
  • Sorron is thematically designed as the "nature" faction. They have a balanced gameplay between Pyrus and Galacid. Think Green on MTG's color wheel and you've basically got the gist of things.
  • Liro is the light faction. Paladins, priests and clerics are common Units. Healing, attachments, graveyard retrieval are going to be Liro's thing.
  • Vexor is the faction of darkness, similar to Black on MTG's color wheel, or the Warlock class in Hearthstone. Demons and dark units to summon. Vexor has lots of cards with drawbacks in exchange for high power and efficiency. Are you willing to pay the price?
  • Zaril, probably the most popular faction of the original build, is the faction of all kinds of crazy stuff. Looking at your opponent's hand, their deck, scry effects, mind control, manipulation, you name it. It's basically the faction all about messing with your opponent.
  • Neutral is not a faction, but rather Neutral cards are cards that every faction can use.


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So let me know what you think, if you wish.

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Re: Back in the TCG making business.
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2019, 12:05 pm »
Making this thread really makes me miss Spoilers. Making this thread was hard because I can't edit my own posts on TK anymore, so I had to copy everything individually.

But, here are the keywords:
  • Ranged: (X) - Unit can attack enemies up to X spaces away. The enemy will only fight back if it's right next to the Unit or is a Ranged Unit with a range equal to or greater than the range of your Unit.
  • Stun - Stunned characters cannot move or attack next turn, and will not deal combat damage when attacked.
  • Rush - Can move and attack on the same turn it is summoned.
  • Lifedrain - Damage dealt by Lifedrain cards will restore that much Health to your Commander. Just like Lifelink from MTG (other card games use slightly different names for this). Note that unlike MTG, Commanders have a Health cap in this game.
  • Guard - Basically Taunt from Hearthstone. Units adjacent to a Guard Unit can only attack the Guard Unit and cannot move. Does not affect Commanders.
  • Swift - Basically First Strike from MTG. Swift Units deal damage first, then if it kills whatever it's attacking, it won't attack back.
  • Elusive - It's Shroud. Elusive Units cannot be targeted by spells or Mana Abilities. Water Elemental actually looks like a pretty good card. It has really good stats for the cost and a strong ability.
  • Spawn - Place this unit anywhere on the battlefield.

I also had a dilemma about a "Flash" mechanic and whether or not to include it here.