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Sounds of Music Episode 1: Road to Fame

Welcome to the first episode of my new RPFG series, Sounds of Music!  In this episode, Road to Fame, you can either start a band with other members or go solo.  What genre is up to you.  The point is to write songs.  The members of Sploder are the crowd.  If you like a song, thank it (with an exception of Grunts).  The more thanks you get, the better ratings you get.    The better ratings, the more fame you get.  To win, become the greatest musician and get a rating of 100%. 


Written Songs:

Upcoming Concerts:

June 30, 6:00 EST-Sparrow Hawk Theatre


-CONCERTS!  If you go to concerts, there is a higher chance of you getting popular.

-Concert Venues.  If you play in a grage or some other low place, not as many people will see it.  Better venue, more people.

-Hyping.  You want people to get hyped, so plan out everything!  Posters, trailers, whatever.


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