Author Topic: UPDATE 2 ME [No EGD7, Minecraft server questions, Youtube and Gaming]  (Read 48 times)

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Yes, you saw EGD 7. Sorry 4 anyone who was hyped and ready for my game, I accidentaly deleted the wrong level, so I have to redo that lus I have been making MC custom maps a lot so I havent been able to work on iROBOT. I got banned on possibly the best MC creative server ever....for advertising my custom map. It's on the MC Forums and it is made by EpicBlastGaming. I want an amazing Creative MC server with decent-to-bigbooty huge plots. I will be uploading moar stuff to Youtbe, and I have been gaming a lot as you can tell. I went from Presteige 1 Lvl 45 to Presteige 3 level 17 in 4 days...yeah So if you have BO2 for PS3 then add EpicBlast123, or if you know a good MC server, leave it's name or ip in a reply. Also, if you want to check out my MC custom map, look up Skyfall Island on the MC forums or PM me so I can link it to you. Thx :D
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