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Near-Complete Ruleset (last updated 6/24/13)
« on: June 22, 2013, 05:41 pm »
General Rules of Sploder:

1.   Bypassing and/or inappropriate language is forbidden:
         a.   This means you cannot bypass the censor in any form in any category as well as post anything inappropriate (IE: Sexually explicit posts that don't bypass the censor), as described by ToS.
         b.   Approximate Punishment: Warning, Grunting or Pow for repeat offenders.

2.   Spamming is forbidden:
         a.   By definition spamming is posting the same thing consecutively and/or irrelevant gibberish comments. Therefore you cannot post the same thing over and over or make multiple threads about the same thing, even if you are trying to make a point. (Excessive means more than 2 or 3 times. Reposting something twice is not considered spam). Also note random gibberish such as "sdjfidosav" or other inane comments are considered spam.
         b.   Approximate Punishment: 2 Days POW or JDC

3.   Racism and Sexism and general intolerance is forbidden:
         a.   These sort of things will not be tolerated on the forum. Personal views are allowed but if it is intolerant of a group of people (including but not limited to: People of other races, genders, nationalities, or religion) then keep it to yourself.
         b.   Punishment: 3 Days POW

4.   “Flaming” and/or harassment is forbidden:
         a.   By definition “flaming” is insulting other members during an argument or in general discussion in a harmful manner. Though opposing views are allowed and debates among members are normal; at no time should one go to insult others. No matter the reason.
         b.   Approximate Punishment: Pow, Grunt for minor offenses.

5.   Multiple Accounts are forbidden:
         a.   At no point in time will you be allowed to hold more than one forum account, unless given permission by a general or Geoff himself. The other account though will be terminated. Usage of this account to evade a ban will lead to immediate permanent banning or a large extension onto your ban.
         b.   Approximate Punishment: 2 Days POW

6. Inappropriate pictures/videos/links are forbidden:
         a.   There are absolutely no inappropriate pictures/videos allowed on this site. This means that pictures or videos that reveal anything in an innapropriately sexual or provocative way are not allowed. This is heavily up to staff discretion. If you aren't sure what to post, ask us or go by this simple little rule: would your grandma approve of you posting it? ;)
         b.  Approximate Punishment: Varies from extended POW time and permanent ban.

7.   Post according to category and on topic:
         a.   This means that you should post in accordance to the category and topic at hand. Stay on topic unless you own the thread you are posting in or are given permission by the own by either a said permission or the person joins in the off topic discussion. Also do not post certain things in categories that specifically ask for only one specific thing. Example: You may only post reviewer applications in a certain place, games in a certain place, etc
         b.  Approximate Punishment: Often results in a warning. If you constantly go off topic or put threads in the wrong category punishment is at discretion of Sploder Staff but will usually lead to grunt.

8.   Forbidden Signatures:
         a.   At no time may you have a signature that breaks any of the above and/or below rules or is too large and thus causes problems. Use your judgment for this rule. If you are not sure if you have a rule-breaking signature, you can inform a Staff member and we will tell you. Youtube videos and other flash objects aren't allowed.
         b.   If not removed upon request, will be manually removed with possible POW time based on the content.

9.   Encouraging Rule Breaking is forbidden:
         a. This is self explanatory; if you encourage others to break the rules under any circumstances you can be punished as well.
         b. May receive same punishment as those who did the rule-breaking act.

10. Personal information is not to be shared without consent:
        a. Sharing your own information is fine given that it is legal. Sharing any information on a user that they haven't publicly released or given you their consent to post is not. Personal information contains but is not limited to; pictures, names, locations, facebook accounts, and such.
        b. Approximate Punishment: Possible POW for repeat offenders. Topic/post(s) will be deleted and you will be warned. Grunt

11. Using another user's account is forbidden.:
        a. The only exception is with consent by the Generals and Lieutenants.
        b. Approximate Punishment: Ban, JDC, or Pow

12. Posting or doing ANYTHING illegal in both your country AND the United States is prohibited:
        a. The United States is included because that is where Sploder's servers are hosted. If you follow the forum rules you should be fine.
        b. Approximate Punishment: Ban

13. Discussion and or advocating drug use is prohibited
         a. The only exceptions are intelligent discussions of it or jokes about Tookewl.
         b. Approximate Punishment: 3 days in POW.

Moderation Related Rules of Sploder:

14. Abuse of power(s) is forbidden:
        a. Abuse of powers is defined as infringing on any number of the following where it is most accurate:
  • Ignoring the rules.
  • Random usage of powers to pester or otherwise harass a user.
  • Using powers to reduce the experience on the forums as a hole without due cause.
  • Making any major changes without first consulting other members of similar ranking.
  • Using powers to monopolize management of the forum.
  • Ignoring results of things like votes and continuing without due cause.
  • Using power as a threat.
        b. Approximate Punishment: Demotion for minor offenses, ban for major ones.

15. Peer consent is Required for All Major Changes, Ignoring This is Forbidden:
        a. Major changes include:
  • Creating or modification of categories and/or boards (80% of active generals and lieuts must agree).
  • Creation or modification of blocks, including shoutboxes and articles (1 general must agree).
  • Creation or modification of ranks (80% of active generals and liets must agree, ranks refers to ranks themselves, not users holding the rank).
  • Any major event must be approved by the majority of liets and generals.
        b. Approximate Punishment: Demotion

16. Lieuts and Generals Reserve the Right to Moderate as They See Fit
        a. This rule prevents people from utilizing loopholes or general holes in the rules to do anything that would be problematic. If a moderator's actions are brought into question things will be thoroughly discussed. Generals can also deny a person of promotion.
        b. This isn't a rule so much as it is a provision.

Rules the Barracks, Bunker, Bin, LL, and MA are exempt from:
        a. Bypassing, suggestive comments, and such are allowed in the barracks. Suggestive pictures and videos are partially allowed (Private parts must be covered), links must be supplied with a warning.

Soldier Voting Rules:
        Soldier voting is started by creating a thread with the username of the user you want to vote on and a poll. The poll MUST have "yes" at the top and "no" on the bottom to prevent rigging the vote. Users being voted on must understand the forum rules, be able to handle the content in the barracks, and be a good role model. Voting goes on for one week, if the user has 70 or more percent yes by the end of that time then the user is promoted.
The soldier voting system is currently being reviewed and may lead to modification, please be patient.

Moderator Voting Rules:
        Promoting a user to Lieutenant or General works similar to soldier voting, however 80% yes is required and the user must know how to act and when to do something. Users should only be promoted to these ranks out of necessity.

Miscellaneous Rules:

17. Posting in  Any Locked Category is Forbidden (Especially Announcements):
        a. This is to prevent pointless threads from entering the category.
        b. Approximate punishment: deletion of thread, warning/pow.

18. Reporting Perfectly Fine Comments is Forbidden:
        a. Don't do it, we can tell who reports and it just makes it harder for the moderators to work.
        b. Approximate punishment: Warning or Grunt

19. Impersonating Staff is Forbbiden:
        a. It impedes on our duties and it just annoying.
        b. Approximate punishment: Public Humiliation.

Username Related Rules:
     To receive a custom username Pm a general asking for it. If a username breaks any of these rules then it will not be given.

1. Usernames must not infringe on existing rules

2. Usernames must be under 14 characters long.

3. Usernames may not be made to insult a user or confuse you with another user.

4. Your original username must be included in your personal text.

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