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Author Topic: Sploder Rules (last updated 1/7/16)  (Read 9087 times)

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Sploder Rules (last updated 1/7/16)
« on: June 22, 2013, 05:41 PM »
General Rules of Sploder:
These apply to all content posted on the forum

1.   Inappropriate language is forbidden:
         You must use language that isn't censored, and you may not use tricks to get around the censor. Quoting inappropriate language is, by extension, also against the rules.

2.   Spamming is forbidden:
         Posting the same thing consecutively, posting off-topic comments, posting irrelevant/gibberish comments, posting in locked boards, posting autoplaying audio if you are not the creator of the thread, and/or posting "count to X" threads in any category is considered spam.

3.   "Flaming" or otherwise harassing a user is forbidden:
         Flaming is insulting and generally being a jerk to other people with harmful intent and/or in a very scathing manner. You should be respectful of the race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, interests, and space of all other users on Sploder. Note that debate, disagreements, and meaningful criticism of or with other members is never harassment.

4.   Alternate accounts and hacking are forbidden:
         At no point in time will you be allowed to have more than one forum account unless given explicit permission by a general or Geoff. "Fresh starts" will not be given. Hacking is logging into (or trying to log into) another user's account. Publicly releasing your account information is considered the same as hacking.

5. Inappropriate content in posts is forbidden:
         Anything that displays, depicts, describes, or heavily suggests an inappropriately sexual, hyper-violent, and/or generally offensive things/acts are not allowed. If it wouldn't appear in a modern "PG" movie then it likely isn't ok.

6.   Encouraging Rule Breaking is forbidden:
         If you encourage others to break the rules under any circumstances you will be punished as well.

7. Personal information is not to be shared:
        Personal information includes but is not limited to pictures, names, locations, ages, and facebook accounts.

8. Posting or doing ANYTHING illegal in both your country AND the United States is prohibited:
        If you follow the forum rules you should be fine. Encouraging drug or alcohol use is forbidden. This also extends to anything involving software or media piracy and/or warez. The United States is included since that is where Sploder's servers are hosted.

9. Reporting Perfectly Fine Comments is Forbidden:
        Reporting offensive comments is important for the forums, but reporting comments that don't break rules undermines the integrity of the system. We can tell who reported comments so don't act like you're being smart if you do this intentionally.

10. Impersonating Staff is Forbbiden:
        It's an annoyance to the staff, impedes our duties, threatens forum security, and can be confusing to other users.

11. Signatures:
         Anything that uses a media plugin like Adobe Flash is not allowed.

12. Abuse of power(s) is forbidden:
        Abuse of powers is defined as infringing on any number of the following where it is most accurate:
  • Ignoring the rules.
  • Random usage of powers to pester or otherwise harass a user.
  • Using powers to reduce the experience on the forums as a whole without a good reason.
  • Making any major changes without first consulting other members of similar ranking.
  • Using powers to monopolize management of the forum.
  • Ignoring results of things like votes and continuing without a good reason.
  • Using power as a threat.

13. Lieuts and Generals Reserve the Right to Moderate as They See Fit
        This rule prevents people from utilizing loopholes in the rules to do anything that would be problematic. If a moderator's actions are brought into question then things will be thoroughly discussed and dealt with accordingly.

Barracks Clause:
        When posting in the Barracks, LL, MA, or Bunker one may use profane language and discuss less appropriate topics.
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