Author Topic: [Application] Waves II the game that took me away.  (Read 147 times)

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[Application] Waves II the game that took me away.
« on: June 17, 2013, 03:49 pm »
So this is my review. The game it self is great just what I look for in a game, long,challenging and looks like it took lots of time. I pressed R for map and the map was loaded with squares. When I played it It was so hard on m 9th try I still diden't beat it.

The quality I give it a 5/10 It was just kinda weird the way it looked but beside that the game was epic. Any that plaed that game would have said "Wow this game is awesome." They might say they hate it beacuse it's so hard and long they can't win and get man and freak out.

Fun  9/10 The logness and how hard it is makes it so much fun That you can't stop playing it I had to force myself off it just to come here and write this.

The reason I like this game is because it has everything I love in a game its hard,long,epic and it gives me somthing to look up to when I make a game and try to get it featured. If it was up to me I would feature this game 100 times.

Why people should play this game is an easy one. If people lovehard long game oh my gosh play this game and you'll be in love after 5 seconds like me. It's the perfect game to get your mood up. I...I... theres just not a word good enough to describe this game, I can think of 1000 words that are great to not even match up how great this gae is.

Challenge 10/10 If you don't think this game is challenging you must be crazy. This game might be the top 5 challenging games I ever played and I million hard games a week so this game is really really good. The challenge is just... just so hard I cant beat it and I am good at beating game I was close and it must be a hard hard game if I can't  win.

My overall score I give it a 9/10 not lower in a million years fot a 10/10 because thats really high but that games just pne of the best games I ever played.

By:Mario531 the one you loved your game.

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Re: [Application] Waves II the game that took me away.
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2013, 03:56 pm »
Denied.  The paragraphs are unaesthetic to begin with, don't look like you put effort into translating your thoughts eloquently.  You don't use periods ever...  You use words that don't exist yet, and lastly this is just plain redundant.  You repeat thoughts over and over.
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