Author Topic: [Application] My Dream Kinda Turned Into A Nightmare  (Read 505 times)

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[Application] My Dream Kinda Turned Into A Nightmare
« on: June 16, 2013, 02:05 pm »
Game: *.~Dreamland~.*

Creator: alexhw

Type: Classic game creator


Sit down, relax, and enjoy this review. Now alexhw is a good game creator with over 40,000 views. He has been recently making some games that have had a lot of votes.


But it kinda seemed like a nightmare zooming through as there were  enemies shooting. That's why he should have chosen a title to do with the game. I chose to review this because it had been featured, then I thought 'This gotta be good!' but I have second thoughts now! But actually I liked the scenery it was very creative. Challenging but creative. I liked the way he hid mega healths in some places. I describe it as a maze it was very hard to find the door keys they were very well hidden. This game is impossible to players because there are no top scores. I found the centipede very annoying at times because it kept on shooting me when I was finding the keys.
As I said earlier it had lots of enemies and that's what made it impossible described as 'ridged' by players.

Final thoughts:



I liked it but I think he could have done better.



It was good at some places, but there were a few places he could have done better.



I thought it was very addicting and fun.



It was very difficult in some places.


Overall it was a great game very addicting and fun, difficult in some places. //////6//// .Good game, alexhw, I wish you a great future on Sploder.