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Quest Boy XI [NEW] News
« on: June 10, 2013, 02:24 pm »
TheBlueSun presents...
Quest Boy XI  

A new game made from the makers of Red Ball and Chalk N Cheese. Part of TheBlueSun makeover it was said that a new type of game will be created, and here it is! Quest Boy XI. Made on the new game creator, you control Aron, a brave young boy who likes to go exploring. You get trained to complete quests and get back the treasure, kill the monsters and find the lost diamonds. You as the controller will defeat each monster, steal back each coin and find those important diamonds. You will play through many levels and two different worlds, experience boss fights and ultimate challenges of the greatest BlueSun game yet! Of course you want to play it but sadly the game has not been made yet but keep looking as very soon a demo will be available, on this demo would be the open story lines and training and maybe the first couple of quests. Before the game has even been made a sequel has been planned if the first game is successful. A target date has been set for this game, so look forward to October 5th 2013.