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Making Puzzle Games
« on: May 27, 2013, 07:22 pm »
OK, some of you all really need a major kick in the butt for making unplayable puzzle games. Do you know what some of you puzzle makers do? Well let me give you a nice little example; I'm sure you all have played Portal, right? Well if not, its a game where you shoot portals to move yourself and objects around the environment to get to the end of a level. Phenomenal puzzle game.

Now imagine you start up that bad boy Portal and you open it up, never having played it before. You click "start new game" and are so excited to see what everyone is talking about. For some reason something does seem right... you are on level 8. Cubes are everyone, gun turrets are riddled around, some weird stuff is placed everywhere, and you are wondering, what the heck did I just get into?

That is what a lot of you puzzle makers do.

You make excruciatingly difficult puzzles right at the get-go, and that is all you do. You make instantly killing traps that cause end-game right then and there, which is beyond frustrating to every user.

This is the phenomenal concept: Start a puzzle game at Level 1. Introduce the player to the type of puzzles they will be dealing with, not making it too painful to get by. Once you introduce one idea, introduce another. Once they understand, mesh them together. Essentially when you give the player an idea of what they are dealing with, they can navigate the puzzle through logic you provide them.

They will make mistakes for sure, so be sure to give them extra lives so they may continue along the game. Remember ladies and gentlemen, difficulty should NEVER be the result of frustrating gameplay - that is a snake in the grass. Difficulty, in puzzle games, should be the challenge in determining how to overcome an obstacle with reasonable logic.

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Re: Making Puzzle Games
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2013, 08:06 am »
The next puzzle game I'm gonna make, this will be in my mind.