Author Topic: My Entire Thrift Shop Parody (Black Ops)  (Read 61 times)

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My Entire Thrift Shop Parody (Black Ops)
« on: May 19, 2013, 03:40 pm »
(Hey EpicBlast, can I hit the box?)
Knife knife knife, kill (X3)
Killing killing killing zombies (X3)

I'm gunna hit the box
Only got nine fifty in my pocket
Im-a hittin
Hopin for the Raygun
This is really beastly

Spawn into the game like whaddup I got an LSAT
Im so pumped I bought some guns from the random box!
Sights on the gun are oh-so beasty
My friends like “BRO, that’s a pack-a-punched HAMR”
Shooting in the theater
Heading to the Launch pads
Dressed in all black ‘cept Marlton he’s in white
Draped up in zombie blood
Crawlers right next to me
Probly shouldn’ta drank this
Tastes like Old Russman’s perks!
But dude, it was only 3k points!
I’ll be splodeing it shooting it gonna go and aim for headshots
Passin up all the newbies
Someone else been watching vids
But me and teammates still beatin em
I’ll be MLG and Money Rich
So imam save my points so ill be hella happy
It’s a bargain dude!
Imma take your playing style
Imma take your playing style
No for real, ask your teammates, can I have your strategy?
Nice tight shirt and some bloody shoes
Misty’s clothes that I have found dirty
They had some new Mule Kick
I bought some new Mule Kick
I bought some PHD Flops
Then I bought some Who’s Who!
Hello, Hello, my teammate my pillow
Syndicate got nothing on my gameplay
I can get a DSR
Make it cool
Trade that
All the gun buffs be like
OMG It’s a Blundergat!

Im gunna get some Jug, only got 2500 with me
I got hit man, Im bout to go down
This is MLG pro!

Oh Im gunna throw some nades
Only 3 monkeys in my pocket!
Imma chucking, hoping that I don’t die
The game will possibly end

Watcha know about rocking a cool sniper
Watcha know about using up ammo?
I’m playing I’m playing
Im going past the zombies
One man’s death is another man’s come up
Thank your teammate
For getting you completely
Trapped and making games harder!
Im in the wardens office, you can find me pretty quickly
Im-I-I am almost out of ammo
Searching for the Uzi
Your mother, your father, your sister, your brother
All of them are total newbies
Normally I would dislike all the newbies
Noobs get annoying so I hate newbies
Well, this is their first game
Yo, we died at round 4 twice
Fire sale’s limited, this game is really laggy
Wal-Mart connections are really crappy
So get a new router
I call that getting trolled by Salesmen
That guns hella dope
But cause of lag
I get the same guns as 3 other people in the game is a hella don’t
Crap game, come take a look and spectate
Now are you gonna say that it’s all my fault now?
Nah you hella wont
Nah you hella wont
(Black Ops- Killing things!-PERFECT)

I’m gunna play some grief
Have no strategy in my big brain
I just died twice- this is really stupid
This game is just so crappy

I’m gunna tweet trayarch
Tell them to fix their game
I just tweeted- Im hoping that the reply
I’ll be waiting for a long time

I guess I’ll deal with it
There’s nothing they can do
Except sit back and think it through

I guess the community
Can understand the fact
That Treyarch cannot fix it

Yeah Im gunna hit the box
Only got 950 in my pocket
Imma hittin’
Hopin’ for the RayGun
This is really beastly

(Is that the SMR? Hee-hee)
I'm back!

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Re: My Entire Thrift Shop Parody (Black Ops)
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I'm back!