Author Topic: How to make a boss and boss battle in PPG (the splodeing basics for n00bs)  (Read 154 times)

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Here wii go!

Okay, FTF, making a boss battle can be simple to [bleep]ing insanely difficult.
Okay, let's start with the basix.
1.Get a graphic which suits you best and put the graphic on a square or another shape.
2.Get another shape, connect it, and put in a spawner to make a projectile. You got yer boss.
3. Make a player doing the same damn method instead, give the player a projectile and a groove.
4.Make the boss and the player's projectile the same sensor layer DO NOT FORGET TO PUT THE SCORE ACTION ON THE BOSS OR I'LL SHOW YOU THE IT!
5. Make the boss projectile and the player projectile the same sensor layer and add the lose life action for the player.
6. Set the lives for the player and score for damage boss has taken.
BUHBYE, splode!

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