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Cave World Boss Tips
« on: May 09, 2013, 05:43 pm »
The Cave world boss is like the forest one and its moldy greens double damage dealing variant, in the sense it is immune to all forms of harm except projectile attacks and bombs (you can kill bosses with bombs if it falls in the right place at the right time), moves around and has the ability to shoot multiple projectiles in multiple directions.

The cave bosses projectiles do twice the damage, and can kill a un hp upgraded player in only 5 hits.  The cave bosses projectile capabilities are enhanced further by its ability to aim and shoot in any direction.

Unlike the forest boss, the cave boss even if its ranged attack is disable still have the ability to do a stop attack, keep a distance.

The boss has two weak areas, it's cannons and its helmet.  Destroy both and the boss is defeated.  Notably the hand cannons can be hard to hit due to needing to time your shooting to hit the hand cannons in the middle of jumping upwards. 

Lore wise he looks likes a arch demon or evil overlord, a powerful hellish creature that is the master of the more dangerous of the two current world types, and this foe can slaughter a poorly equipped player; you'll want faster magic firing when fighting this boss.

Each part of the boss takes 3 hits to destroy, leading to a total of 9 hp overall.
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