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Welcome to the Titanium Revolution! Wait, Welcome? Oh hell no! This isn't a welcoming group! As a matter of fact, this isn't a group, it is a sploder revolution. We are a REAL Sploder revolution. We plan to revolute the way Sploder changes, to maneuver it to our delight, at the same time respecting sploder guidelines. Unfortunately. We aren't the iffy type of sploder group that puts people to post and join or make some "application" and "get accepted" to "be part of the group" when the host might have not even read the application. Ya think..? Well ofcourse we  will be different. Getting into our group will be harder. Upon having the chance to join our awesomeness, you shall consider it a sploder achievement.

What we do that'll somewhat revolute sploder? It is called hosting, sponsoring or simply changing the way you think. We'll be spreading our evil-err, light through the creation of service. Service that'll force you to praise us but still consider us a well matched friend. How many of you old members remember the JJS GRS? I should say it was the best Game rating station of the time (and probably still is, despite it ceased to exist), and we will bring it back, in a way, by creating a GRS that runs in a very similar way to the old one! Don't worry, be happy!

Support us by trying to join! First read everything. This is a bit of a strict system, but that only makes it cleaner and more applicable.

Rules are always in red? Not in my world!They are in pink!

.:Everyone who posts in this thread must read everything in the first few posts:.
.:Any deliberate and/or spontaneous flame wars and arguments are to be avoided:.
.:All complaints SHOULD be in a PM to either of us:.
.:Spam and nubby stuff are frowned upon and can keep you away from the group's services for a while:.
.:Please follow the pretty simple conduct:.

I admit, the excess use of cooltext is annoying (well, to myself, yes) but it is vital. Apparently we need to catch a lot of attention.  Before we get to profiles, let us go over the ranks...

#TitanMaster-->The overall admins of the area. Can do anything. Just anything. No doubt they can ban you for no apparent reason and the only people who can decide who to let in/promote. JJS and I hold it.

#aTitan->A supreme rank. Can suggest people, make threads based on us, sell sponsors and administrate a few things.

#Mightan-->Does a lot more then blockades. Can take jobs, and has extra perks. We have just started! Don't expect everything.

#Miner-->Basically the starting rank. But if you have been invited, you can go directly to Citizen! Can really just represent us, have stats on the revolution about them, etc. Those who applied start here but can elevate higher based on influence or work.

Now for the Profiles...well really just the main ones. Like the main Titans and notable members. So maybe we do exclude a few people but you can still look for them in the link below! Your profile will list everything you should know for a quick check.
Other profiles >>>

Sploder Username ⟾jackjoshseb/JJS
Rank⟾Overall Titan Master
Points⟾1000 (being a master xD)
Level⟾ 20

Sploder Username⟾mshaafay
Rank⟾Overall Titan Master
Points⟾1000 (being a master xD)




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