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Raviland :
     Welcome to Raviland, Sploder's largest sploder shop. After being formed in mid 2010 Raviland enjoyed 2 solid years of service before shutting down, it is finally today when raviland makes its big return! Here you will earn 2 types of currency; § and EXP. § is used to buy things from the shop or use in forum games, it can be earned by participating in Raviland in general or from Forum Games. Exp is earned over time and gives you bonuses as you level up for your commitment to Raviland and Sploder in general. Don't fret if you had an account here in the past, it will remain in the same condition as before and you can pick up where you left off.
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Table of Contents:
Introduction and Rules
Ranks and other info

Official Games:
Hurt or Heal Arena
P4S (Play for Stuff)
Aether Redux RPFG
Mystery Wednesday
Pro Gamer Competition

Keep off topic posts out of here, that is what General is for.Don't whine about having to wait for items, be patient.Please PM all questions about Raviland to Ravicale 

Raviland :
     Here is the shop, you may buy items here assuming you have the § and I will attempt to get back to you as soon as possible. If you have any suggestions for the shop then please let me know via pm. Be careful, there are no refunds unless you are unable to get your item.

Karmatic powers:
+1 Thanks on the forums: 5§
+5 Thanks on the forums: 20§
+50 Thanks on the forums (Rank Meh and up): 150§
+1 Smite on the forums (any post you wish): 5§
+5 Smites on the forums (any post you wish): 20§
+1 5 of your comments on mainsite: 40§
+1 5 of your games: 50§
+3 one comment on mainsite: 40§
+1 one of your comments on the mainsite: 15§
-1 any comment you wish on the mainsite: 30§

Votes on a game of your choosing:
1 Star vote: 10§
2 Star vote: 15§
3 Star vote: 20§
4 Star vote: 25§
5 Star vote: 30§
Contest nomination/vote: 30§
Triple nomination/vote: 65§
Honest rating on mainsite of game: 20§

Tribute using standard message art: 80§
Tribute With unique art: 120§

Mystery boxes (Get a random item):
Mystery Box: 50§
Mystery box + (Rank Meh and up, get better items): 75§

Game Stuff:
3R$ (raveshop cash assuming it is open): 1§
Save (begin the game from last won GEX challenge): 30§

Advertising and Vanity items:
Custom membership block color in Raviland: 30§
Custom Font Color in membership block in Raviland: 30§
I make you a Logo (please make thumbnail, pics of the game, or description of what you want): 150§
Ad Space (Add in an image and or link to the bottom of the first post to advertise whatever you wish): 50§
Advertise in Raviland's and Ravicale's Alt's signatures: 100§
Custom User Title (Rank Skillful and up): 70§ (General+ do it, it will likely take some time)

Mainsite Awards (please say what you want it to say and what objects on it):

Forum awards:

Basic rating: 40§
Quick review pmed to you: 70§
Main site review: 170§

RPFG related items:
Hurt or Heal Arena:
5 Gold: 1§

Aether Redux:
$100: 1§
Excalibur(Lvl 1) Hth +100, Phy/Ran Atk +400/+200, Phy/Ran Def +300/+300, Spe +300, Reg. +3, Range 3, Ability Smite: Raises Crit Ratio 20% every turn you're attacked, the effects are permanent the rest of battle: 100§
Hrunting(Lvl 1) Hth +150, Phy/Ran Atk +200/+0, Phy/Ran Def +200/+0, Spe +200, Reg. +0, Range 3, Ability Never Fail: Wpn Ran Atk/Def get a boost of x2 their Wpn Phy Atk/Def counterparts and range is equal to 5 until receiving damage equal to the Wpn Hth stat: 100§
Tyrfing(Lvl 1) Hth +200, Phy/Ran Atk +0/+200, Phy/Ran Def +0/+200, Spe +150, Reg. +3, Range 2, Ability 3 Curses: For three turns, Phy Atk/Def raise by an equal to their Ran Atk/Def counterparts and 1 range each turn, effects are permanent the rest of battle 100§
Data Rom (Exclusive boss with exclusive prizes): 85§

100 Exp: 50§
A Metal Storm smg: 65§
Strong Medicine: 40§
Any common item of your choice: 25§
5 food: 35§

Raviland :
     Badges are so 2000-late, now we have achievements and challenges in the Gaming EXperience. These offer much more flexibility and can act as save points to your game or gateways to other elements in the game. If you wish to add GEX support for your game then please PM Ravicale . You also have the Hit list, a list of 3 games that challenge users to beat them for 40 EXP, and 50§. Every time you beat a game on the hit list that game is removed and replaced by another one to challenge all. Challenges give you 20exp and 30§

ReturnBy oogie77
IridescentBy omega
ArrowBy chowder119
Whisper the codes for said challenge to me to beat them!

1. Passed the first angel
Beaten by:
2. The WHAT!
Beaten by:
3. Fully equipped
Beaten by:
4. I slipped
Beaten by:
5. For all of time
Beaten by:
6. Revelations
Beaten by:

Astrone Reborn:

1. Why abandon this
Beaten by: Peterzhang1
2. I have my own super shield
Beaten by:
3. Special delivery
Beaten by:
The Hall:

1. Half way
Beaten by: Peterzhang1, Matty
2. The final step
Beaten by: Matty

Raviland :
     Information on the various ranks, how to get §/exp, and other things is here for quick reference.

The Chosen One: 1000 exp
Ultra master: 650 exp
Master: 500 exp
Ace: 400 exp
Excellent: 330 exp
Skillful: 260 exp
Great: 210 exp
Good: 170 exp
Alright: 130 exp
Meh: 100 exp
Average: 80 exp
Weak: 60 exp
Noobish: 40 exp
newb: 20 exp
Starter: 0 exp

You gain exp by:
Winning at forum games, beating Gex challenges, special offers, and other similar things.

Complimentary items:
Average: 30§ and a +1 Thanks
Skillful: 50§, and a tribute
Ultra master: a mainsite award, a free item voucher, and a mystery box +
The Chosen One: An Exclusive Forum Award and 200§

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