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Hawk101's Guide to Platform Creating
« on: March 27, 2013, 06:33 pm »
Welcome to my guide to making Platform games!
I'll put my guide here, but you can private message me with your ideas. I'll put them in the guide along with you username.

Part 1: Theme
The theme is what holds your whole game together. You should decide the theme before you start the game. It could be medieval, modern, sci-fi, mixed, or what ever you want. The thing is you need a theme. You can't just start making the game, and put the theme of 'till later. The theme dictates how you create the game.

Part 2: View
View can either be 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person. 1st person is when you describe it as if it happened to you. You use words like "I". 2nd person, which I see most of the time, is when you describe it as if it were the person playing the game. You use words like "you". 3rd person is like you and the player are spectators. You use words like "he" and "she". I doubt you would ever use 3rd person, though.

Part 3: Drive
This is what drives the character. Whether it's a lost loved one, a lust for riches, or a crave for power, every character needs a drive. It's what makes him who he is and what he does.

Part 4: Story
You probably already no what this is. It what the story is about, like the character, or what the character is after. For example, if you were doing a game about a character that wants a power sword. You could make it about the sword, and tell about it's history in the description. Or you could make it about the character, and give a history about the character.

Part 4: Blocks
You can't choose what blocks to use until you choose the theme. You shouldn't use a sci-fi looking block in a medieval plot. You need to choose a block that's right for the background, too. For example, say your character is under ground. Even if it's a sci-fi world, you'd want to put stone around him, unless he's in a mine, or something.

Part 5: Background
You also have to know the theme to do this. The background sort of sets the mood and, along with blocks, tells you what the theme is. If you were doing a horror game, you should do a sky color with really dark blues and purples. If you were doing a forest game, you should have trees in the background, not hovercrafts.

Part 6: Enemies
This also goes with theme (told you you needed it first). Enemies don't really set the theme, and are optional. But they are important. And these guys you really don't want to choose wrong. Unless it's a time travel game. They should be right for the time period. If you were doing a sci-fi era, you should do robots. If it's ancient Asia, use ninjas and Samurai.

I think that covers everything! Please comment, and private message me for more stuff to put in. Please put if you want it to have it's own section, or be put in an already made section. I will give you credit.   

Thanks for reading!!
Hawk out...