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To Those Whom it may Concern:

I'm officially announcing my position as retired due to circumstances both on Sploder and in real life. Real life has been more prominent and demanding, seeing as to how my Senior year of high school is ending and my college pursuits are catching up with me. Not only that, I currently work and will be working two jobs soon, in which my free time will already be completely diminished.

Seeing as to how I'm 18, going to be 19, I don't match the age-group of Sploder much anymore. It has nothing to do with anyone personally, but it becomes harder and harder to relate to this site and its people, some of which I've grown with as well as newer faces.

I've spent over 4 years moderating these forums, ranging from some periodic times of inactivity and times of full-fledged commitment, but now I do have trouble coming on, continually making decisions, and being a part of the staff. It has become tiresome making decisions time after time and I am ready for my relaxation period.

Most of you may think I have been inactive for a long time, probably the past couple of months, but I was working with other staff members on improving different parts of the forum, such as directing the cleaning up and reorganization and of categories like the Ideas and recruitment (credit to all who took effort in improving them), as well as put forth the launch of the Video Crew and take part of that podcast.

I would like to apologize for my inactivity which mainly started after the announcement of the Video Crew. I do ask of you not to blame the Generals for laziness and irresponsibility; real life is always a priority over Sploder and it just happens that we all have had a call to reality for the time being. We all have different responsibilities that require attention.

There is always some chance that I may become active again but this time seems to be for good. I will occasionally come in and chime a few words here and there, likely in the Barracks, as well as throw in my opinions on some issues in Lieutenant League, but that would be the extend of my actions.

I'd like to thank you all for being active on the forum and creating the Sploder community, something which I've already experiences myself. My time is going to the next generation of users who will have new ideas to help lead the forums on a new path and I wish them all the best of luck in their efforts.

7grant2, your moderator.


I wish you luck in College.

You shall now be Thrash II.



I wish you luck in College.

--- End quote ---
Its not like it was sudden xD my inactivity didn't come out of the blue.

Man :/

You are the man Grant.  No matter what. 


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