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-Hype- When Night Comes -Hype- (Retro Arcade)
« on: March 20, 2013, 08:50 pm »
What happens when night comes? Demons. The Gods on Mt. Sheeyg are waging war against the she demons of Parkushaln. Will you, young one, be able to kill the she demons and become a God yourself?

Level 1
Stage 1: You go through the town of Makon and discover the she demons for the first time in eons.
Stage 2: Part of story is explained
Stage 3: Go through the town some more and discover some secrets
Stage 4: Cutscene/Explanation
Level 2
Stage 1: Start traveling to the first land- the city of death also known as Dekranatin
Stage 2: Finish Dekranatin, meet up with she-demon. She-demon transforms, boss level
Stage 3: Cutscene/New Quests
Level 3:
Stage 1: Travel to the Mountains of the Lifeless, beat enemies
Stage 2: Gameplay
Stage 3: Meet she-demon 2, epic game twist, over-dramatic cutscene
Stage 4: Boss fight
Level 4:
Stage 1:Last stop till destination-The ocean of Pain
Stage 2: Keep going through ocean
Stage 3: Cutscen, she-demon 2 meeting, game twist solved, secrets reveal
Stage 4: Boss fight
Stage 5: Xtra Story explaining
Stage 6: Finish off with gameplay
Level 5:
Stage 1: Fully uncover story, all secrets reveal, epic twist, schocking ending, pain and sadness, triumph and YOLO.
Stage 2: Epic boss fight, final boss fight (it'll be hard as hell to beat)
Stage 3: Cliffhanger leading to sequel!

So this will be pretty epic, and I hope it will be pretty big and I am hoping for a feature or review or you know, more thank 5 views 1 comment? Anyway, leave your thoughts in the comments!
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