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OfficialSploder Youtube Channel Announcement + Other Updates

   Remember when a new job was hinted in the Infomer? Well, it's here! This forum update brings the Video Crew! The Video Crew Leaders, 7grant2, Brocky, and I, and the Video Crew members, Parry, Spidapig, and MyOwnSelf, would love to announce our new Youtube channel, OfficialSploder!

    To find the channel, you can either search it up on Youtube or find the link at the "Gates to Cyberspace". All Privates+ can view the Video Crew category, with the rules listed on there. And by the way, after reading the rules, I would like to say that you do not have to be a Video Crew Member or Leader to help the channel out!

     Along with this announcement, us leaders, 7grant, Brock, and I, had made our very first official video to explain the channel (which is a podcast)!. Any ideas for the Video Crew can be either discussed in the Video Crew category or the Ideas category. Good luck!

     In addition to Sploder Community Updates, I would like to say that 5 new approved official gameshows are coming soon! So we'll have a TON of FUN coming soon! Also, the post-based group (30k posts) Mogura, can now change their display name titles! Also, the new ideas system will be launched today with that new category.

     Since today is March 6th, happy Independence day Ghana! And happy foundation day to Norfolk Islands! And, today is also the European day of the Righteous! And Christian Feast Day!

Sweet mother of Geoff...

Well this going to be interesting. Can't wait for all the game shows. =)




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