Author Topic: -[Midnights]- COLLAB ACCOUNT! REJOINING IN PROGRESS! WIN AWARDS!  (Read 54 times)

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Hi, I'm cashin95. You may know that I made a collab called midnights, and yes, we were hacked.
I have asked for our games to be restored, and sent out new friend requests.

You can win 1 award by making a GOOD game on this accout.
5 awards if the game is reviewed
And 10 if it is featured.

3 members (matthade2, jamboy23, and beefy) don't need to re-apply.
but you guys can join at any time!

Now, only people who can join has to be a MSM, get at least 1 feature, or be my friend.

this will be a fun way to help members cooperate better!
it will be very nice to see you guys work together!

I am looking for trusted members.
Joining is free!

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