Author Topic: Windicorns: A study  (Read 241 times)

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Windicorns: A study
« on: February 26, 2013, 08:57 pm »

 Hai :3

 The almighty Windicorn is an amazing creature that can do very painful things to people >:3

 But, there's more to this wonderful (and carnivorous) creature!

 On a more serious note, I'm a 6th grade guy who just likes doing Windeh things. I'm just that random guy who is actually anything but random =P (In a sense. I say alot of random things XD)

 Windeh IRL:

 I enjoy being anti-productive, and I can be seen doing next-to-nothing in Math (Don't ask how I still manage to stay A-B-Honor Roll...). I have a certaint ring of friends (I refer to them alot, so I'll give you the names: CJ, Matthew, and Garret) xD I also play Basketball at a local church (tbh, it's a pretty big league XD Just about every basketball fan ik plays there xPPP), and then my other closest friends, Colt, Devin, JJ, Brian, and Josh, are my Basketball team xP

 I'm not the most athletic person, but when it comes to BB, no fool can challenge me and win >:3

 I can have a sharp tounge (And poking people is fun :D), and I am a gifted writer (Or so people say XD). I'm in GT (Texan's Gifted program)...

 So yeah :3
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