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- HYPE- The Dark RPG [1 Screenies] - HYPE-

El Cielo Primo [Chloride]:
The Dark

I have been creating this game since A New Hope. This game will be my best platformer game ever. Featuring all kind of new stuff.

- Gameplay -

Lv 1: Intro
Lv 2: Chat with the King
Lv 3: Start Adventure.
Lv 4: You get lost.
Lv 5: You are still lost.
Lv 6: You get into a cave and you need to find your way out.
Lv 7: You find a strange village... [Classified]
Lv 8: Try to escape from village
Lv 9: Darkness land
Lv 10: Mini Boss
Lv 11: Final Stage with huge action + huge boss!
Lv 12: Returning Home
Lv 13: Congratulations to blockhead.

- Testers - [You do not apply for testers!]




El Cielo Primo [Chloride]:

--- Quote from: Dudki on February 24, 2013, 04:48 am ---IM HYPED!  :D

--- End quote ---
:D You´ll probably be a tester...


--- Quote from: Chloride on February 24, 2013, 04:50 am --- :D You´ll probably be a tester...

--- End quote ---
Yay!  ;D

M T T Y:
Omg it looks exactly like dark days



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