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~Hype~ Space Wasteland ~Hype~ {Testers wanted}

Hello guys, I am here today to present to you the progress thread of my newest shooter: Space Wasteland. I am not too familiar with shooters, so this may not be as good standards of other shooters. But I assure you, I will try to make this shooter as enjoyable as I can.

Storyline: You are aimlessly driving your new spaceship, in space. You approach a black hole, you try to steer away, but it's no use, the black hole has sucked you in. When you wake up, you ship is, luckily, still okay. However, the black hole has gone, the only portal back to home, gone. You explore the wasteland to see what you might find....

Progress: 5%




Hope you like it so far. Please leave your comments below, please say if you want to test. Questions, I will answer. Tips from you, I will take leaving a thank. Thanks for reading.


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