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Mr. Black Hole:
Welcome here guys and gals!

I made this thread to do faster the group-running across the Forum. I hate to search after them, and you?
So here is the list of the groups I know:
S.Q.U.I.D.S.   Leader: Shadross      ULTRA HOT!
S.C.O.U.R.G.E   Leader: Minjaze      HOT!
One Piece Fan Club   Leader: Jagger   Freezing
YUPI!    Leader: Wiktor3      HOT!
G.U.I.L.T.   Leader: Brocky
The Midnight Crew   Leader: Ironmonkey Moolatycoon
Company Z   Leader: Moolatycoon      HOT!     
Smiley Gang   Leader: Matty      HOT!
Demolition   Leader: Roxus
C.H.A.O.S   Leader: Sonic         Deleted.
Baby Sloths   Leader: Spidapig
Rawrasaurusism   Leader: Omega   Freezing
The Elite Fleet   Leader: Gt7911
S.S.A   Leader: Gamekid         Deleted.
Team Giruko   Leader: Geoffsgrandpa         Deleted.
G.R.I.M   Leader: Monkeylocks
S.C.A.N.S   Leader: Furfurrykitty
B.A.R.T   Leader: Chlorede
Mature Club   Leader: Jack216
K.S.U   Leader: Kyleissocoollike
The Unicorn Squad   Leader: Furfurrykitty
D.E.R.P   Leader: Glowingbluewolf      ULTRA HOT!   
N.I.R.V.A.N.A    Leader: Beefy
VARSINO    Leader: Monkeylocks
The Herd   Leader: Ju44
★ STEALTH ★  Leaders: Cashin95 and Mrezman
★~S.A.F~★   Leader: Gamekid and Firetrolik         Deleted.
IMMA PRETTY BIRD   Leader: Furfurrykitty
Neon Gang   Leader: N30n
W.A.R.   Leader: Ninjalime
Alostair  Leader: Alonessix
R.A.G.E   Leader: Kyleissocoollike
U.A.S   Leader: ShatteredGlassX
Sky Army   Leader: Alexmd
Debation Club   Leader: Splodge249
Windicorns    Leader: Thewindlord
E.A.G.L.E.    Leader: Peytonfire123
The Indigo Dragoons    Leader: William2542
Whoniverse    Leader: Sploderepicbros
Minecraft Fan Club    Leader: Alexmd
K.I.N.G.    Leader: Sandwich King

Please post below, if you know another groups. (WITH LINK!)

Mr. Black Hole:

Mr. Black Hole:
Added two more groups.

Thanks for putting G.R.I.M. up their!

Mr. Black Hole:

--- Quote from: monkeylocks on February 16, 2013, 01:12 pm ---Thanks for putting G.R.I.M. up their!

--- End quote ---
You are welcome.


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