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Some Updates to Sploder Forums!

 - 10000Truths/♚ ♛ and Liamnight are now Generals. Us staff are stoked to see how great they will be at this position!
 - Lahdeedah, formal General, is now a War Veteran. We want to thank him for the work he has done.
 - Superluigi's game show is at an official close. Our next gameshow will likely be this summer, so hold tight till then!
 - The "Links to Cyberspace" category has been moved to the very bottom of the forums. This way, you can access the entire forum with more ease.
 - We are currently working on updating the Idea's and RPFG's category to bring official sentiment to it.
 - We are also working on a new category for a new job for Sploder. Its a secret for now, but we will be sure to announce its arrival once we have finished setting things up.

That should be about it, but its time to get excited :D

Sploder Forum Staff

Rubber Ducky:
That's cool. I like it.

Ok... ::)

It's 10000truths :P

Prince Daydream:
Awesome; thanks for all the work you guys have done!


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