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Rubber Ducky:
Since Icefiremadness' directory hasn't been that active I decided I'd make a list of active games nowadays. Remember, this isn't a copy, It's just for helping out...

Groups/Revolutions/Other RPFGs
Guessing Games
Regular Contests
1% Chance
Count To...

~The games:

Groups/Revolutions/Other RPFGs

The Godchild by Moolatycoon
Screams of Silence by Firetrolik
Rawrasaurusism by Omega
P4S (Play For Stuff) by Mat7772
The Conquest by Alonessix
S.C.O.U.R.G.E by Minjaze
The Car Brand Game by Blackhole2
Rap Battle by NinjaLime
Sploder Wrestling Entertainment by WWE and Troyio
Valsinore's Nomads by Dudeguy1
Syndicate by Monkeylocks
Skylands by Kingpiggy
~YUPI~ by Wiktor3
Varsino by Monkeylocks
Cat Revolution by Thebluefire2011
RAVILAND By Ravicale
The Whoniverse by Sploderepicbros
War Happy by Rooney
One Redux by BeefBurito
Llama Revolution by Dragonlizard7

Guessing Games

Guess How Old The User Above You by Drummer
B-But... by Ju44
Name That Author by Chucky12


Ready To Rank Up by EthGamma
Would You Suggest The Member Above You For Soldier by Alonessix
Give The Person Above You A Number From 1 to 10 If They're Ready To Be Promoted or Not by Martin1234567890
Post What Rank You Think The User Above You Should Hold by Lcraniuml
Give The Person Above You a Percentage on How Long It'll Take To Gain the Next Promo by EpicOrange789
> = or < by EpicOrange789


Mackalacking's THE Never Ending Story by Mackalacking
Keep One, Replace One by Nzadamnz21
Rename the Game by EthGamma

Regular Contests

database error | no popular contests found

1% Chance

1% Chance to Win a Shiny Award by 10000truths

Count To...

Count To 100 Without a Soldier+ Posting by Gallade265
Count To 76 Before Milking Posts by Milking
Count To 100 Before Religious6 Posts by Religious6
Count To 1,000,001 By The 1st of January, 2016 by Milking


Give a Thank To The User Above You by Peterzhang1
[thank] or [smite] by Noctila


Give The Person's Avatar Above You a Rating From 1 to 10 by Angelxxx
Like or Don't Like by EpicOrange789
Describe The Member Above You With 1 Word by Ironmonkey
Make a monster out of animals <3 by Sploderepicbros

Stickied because ice's thread is inactive

Rubber Ducky:
If I have forgot an active game, please tell me.

Btw, thanks Parry.

Please add The Conquest.

Hopefully this thread jumpstarts this board.


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