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[Robotic Shooter] -HYPE- Hacksaw -HYPE- (Accepting ALL TESTERS)

It's been a seriously long time since i've made a game, but not too long since i've attempted to, which I always fail at. This one has started off well however. I hope you stay in touch with this, and play it when it comes out, and Editors? Keep 'watchin for the release, i'm hoping to get a feature on it, though this is improbable. This isn't the most eye catching, fancy thread, but it should be updated at least once a week. Anyway;

This game is a robotic shooter. The idea is you ONLY use the saw on your robot. You begin with a small introduction to get the player familiar with the saw, and then it goes on into 3 separate courses, getting the user more familiar and improving their skills in close-combat melee. Each course focuses usually on one type of skill, such as smart movement, and with a challenge at the end.

Things Completed
-Beginning intro
-Course Area
-Course 1
-Course 2
-Course 3

Things Needed to be Done
It's almost all finished, I just need to ensure it is possible, that there are no spelling mistakes and no bugs. It's not in the final check up stage yet, but it's technically finished, just under testing.

Percent done
Not exact, but, this game is so far 88% done.

If you Wish to Test
I am completely open to all people who would like to test the game so far, and I am open to tips and advice, especially constructive criticism. If you wish to obtain the link for the game, feel free to ask me on this thread, or in a PM. I'm not going to just put out a link here for you to test, because that's just lazy for you, hmm? People ask for links to be put out, and preferably the clicky ones, but, it's time for you to stop being a potato, don't you agree?

Testers so far
These are the people who've tested the game, and are to be included in the acknowledgment list when it has been published. And yes, that list is to sort of convince people to test the game, thinking they will get something out of it. And I think it's a good idea anyway, so yeah...

I'd like to test, please.


--- Quote from: Alonessix on February 14, 2013, 11:22 am ---I'd like to test, please.

--- End quote ---
Accepted. Link sent in PM.


Alright, i'm going to shout this out more. All you need to do is ask here for the hyperlink and i'll give it to you, i'm not going to put a link to the testing, don't be lazy lol...


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