Author Topic: S.G.E. Shattered Glass Enterprises  (Read 95 times)

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S.G.E. Shattered Glass Enterprises
« on: February 03, 2013, 11:14 am »
Hello, I am shatteredglassx, president/founder of Shattered glass enterprises! S.G.E. is (will be) a game studio with its own sploder account in which its employees will create games and perform other tasks. Some of the different jobs are:

PPG Creator
Platformer Creator
PPG Tester
Platformer Tester
Arcade Creator
Algorithm Crew Creator
Arcade Tester
Algorithm Crew Tester
Shooter Creator
Shooter Tester
Editor (Recieves info about bugs from the testers and edits them out of the game they came from)
Moderator (Supervises employee behaviour)
Groups Manager (Creates private groups for employees to communicate with others)
Awards Manager (Creates, sends, and accepts awards. NO WASTING THEM!)
Friends Manager (Accepts requests and deletes unwanted friends)
Profile Manager (Writes and changes the S.G.E. profile)
*NOTE you can have at least three jobs
Administrator (One of the three people who run the company and discuss major changes)

If you would like to join, please write your application and what job you would like to have below, if your application gets accepted, I will PM you the account password. If the contents of this thread violates the sploder terms of service, please notify me.
Goals for 2013-
Reviewer- NOT YET
Editor- NOT YET
Soldier- NOT YET
3 Features- NOT YET