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PlatMaster (Gameshow)
« on: January 30, 2013, 07:34 pm »
 :blank: >:DHello, and welcome to PlatMaster. The rules are very simple, to qualify you must pm me saying that you want to join and give a link to the platformer game you are entering into the contest, the names of the contestants will be posted in this thread, but the names of their entered games shall be confidential to any other sploder member aside from yourself. After you have sent me the link to the game, I will check it out and see if you will move on, if I do not think you should move on, I will take your name off the list. Once I get to the final three contestants, I will open a poll showing the members name AND game title and the forum members will vote on who they want to win! The first place prize is 5 gold awards, 3 silver awards, and 1 copper award and a chance to join my and levelorange011s collaboration account, shatteredorange. The second place prize is one gold award and third place is nothing, arent I rutheless! Just joking, second place gets 5 gold awards, and third gets 3 gold awards! Remember to qualify! XD
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