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Windeh F.Y.I
« on: January 27, 2013, 09:06 pm »

 I am Thewindlord (A.K.A Windeh) :D

 I enjoy eating a variety of small animals (AND SOULS :D), such as hamsters, chinchillas, Chim's puppeh, massive firebreathing lizards, guinea pigs, squirles, and mutant Aurum squid (Yes Shad, I'm looking at you >=D

 On a more serious note, I live in Texas, and I'm considered "advanced". I enjoy reading and writing. I'm considering doing Band for an Elective nextyear. I also enjoy messing around in my computer files (and wrecking my pc :D, because I'm pretty much teach myself all this tech stuff XD). I can also be often caught playing Kid Icarus:Uprising, LoZ:OoT, Pokemon, or Minecraft.

 I have a few MC friends that I do mention from time to time, which are Lile and Clutch, so if you see those names somewhere, you know who I'm refering to XD

 Irl, I kinda have really random mood swings XD I'm generally antisocial, and where a black jacket and hood while I look like Ima kill someone :3 and then I get yelled at for having my hood on in school and have to take it down and people start mentioning the giant mole I happen to have on the side of my head x.x But from time to time, I can be rather talkative, especially around a certain someone and then embarress myself x.x

 I have no knoledge (Yes, I know, Windeh mispells a word, feel free to make a spelling nazi comment xD xD xD) of coding whatsoever, and generally end up confused and delete important files when Activating the world-domination app tinkering with my computer XD

 I enjoy doing creative activities like sleeping building stuff with legos, playing mc, making Rue Goldberg's, and drawing :3

 I have four puppehs, a kitteh, two duckehs  (R.I.P), and a wild sister (x.x)

Unapologetically Jewish. Bisexual. Very satisfied with life.

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Re: Windeh F.Y.I
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2013, 09:19 pm »
You seem like a perfectly normal person to me.