Author Topic: [Application] Port-o-Games (Play a Game on a PSP)  (Read 696 times)

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[Application] Port-o-Games (Play a Game on a PSP)
« on: January 23, 2013, 09:38 pm »
  First off, I am back for some more challenges and I think this will be a great review this time!

  Wheres the on button?!
  My first thoughts of this well designed game, before i even beat the first level, was " Where is the flipping on button?" Well, two seconds left I finally clicked the right thing! So now my thoughts have changed to "This game is actually pretty challenging, because I never played a PSP." So you could easily notice this game has been worked on to challenge the human mind. After I beat the game, I didn't even make it into the leader board.

  Main Idea

  So you have to think 'Why was this created?" Well I have some good thoughts on it: 1. Its created to challenge the human mind.  2. Its created to show off the creator's skill. Now there are way more thoughts of the main idea but the best of all my thoughts is number one and two. Since this is a good game you have to admit, but there is no real concept of this game, no story.


  Not much scenery here, but theres enough to describe! Well, to start off I will have to criticize and say that the graphics could be way better if he put some more work ethic into it. I do agree with one thing- the PSP looks pretty awesome.

  Final Comments

  My final comments are- The creator did an excellent job and I hope that he will continue and make more games, although this game needs some more work. Keep up the hard work and play hard afterwards!


Levels: 11/10 - Nice job, you should make a part two for this game!

Story: 8/10 - Even though there was little to no story in there, there doesn't have to be.

Scenery: 6/10 - You could do better, try harder on this, I would love to see improvements! =)

  Total Rating

Total: 25/30 - Hope to see more to this game!

  I hope this review makes sense to y'all because I worked hard on this! ~bailey1345

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Re: [Application] Port-o-Games (Play a Game on a PSP)
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2013, 10:24 pm »
Denied. Bad game to review, and that leaded into a bad review.