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[Denied] Penguin Patrol
« on: January 21, 2013, 02:45 pm »
Penguin Patrol
By:  Mat7772

I was searching for a game to review when this game popped out of me.  The name was very catchy, so I thought I would play it, and I enjoyed it, so I decided that I would review this game.

I liked Mat7772's style.  The game stayed on a very important theme: penguins.  Not only was it penguins, but it was the mother penguins trying to get to their babies.  He kept it very challenging and he was very creative.  There wasn't much of a background, though.  All that was on the screen was what you interacted with and a white background.  Maybe that was all he needed!

He was very creative.  I would have never thought of a game like this.  It is a kind of game that I would find on CoolMath, created by an adult, in my opinion.  Basically, you have to steer the mother penguins to get to their babies of the same color while avoiding the water.  Also, you are moving all of the mother penguins at the same time, which makes it very challenging, and I thought it was very creative.

The main thing that made it so challenging is that you are moving all of the mother penguins at the same time.  It added a little twist inside.  Also, you can't steer the blue penguin to the red baby; otherwise, you're dead.  Each level got harder and harder, which made it even more challenging.  On the challenge rating of the game on the mainsite, it was rated a 10/10, and it didn't lie!

Organization and Placement
The game was very organized.  The specific placed that Mat7772 put things changed the game, such as where he put pools of water or where he put the baby penguins.  He did great by  placing them so well that each level got harder and harder, as I said before.  I just think that the magnets weren't really placed exactly right in the earlier levels, but it was okay.

I thought this game was very entertaining.  Usually on games like this, I get very frustrated and give up, but I just kept clicking the retry button until I completed each level.  This game just left me hanging and I just HAD to pass this level, and I HAD to pass the next one, until I had been playing the game for who knows how long, but it did kind of aggravate me a lot anyway, so I almost quit, but I was so close to finishing, I kept playing, anyway.

Overall, this game was pretty good!  Mat7772 did very good, but I can tell that he could have done a little better.  There's always room for improvement, right?


Style/Theme - 8.5/10
Creativeness - 10/10
Organization and Placement - 8/10
Challenge - 10/10
Entertainment - 7.5/10

Total - 8.8/10
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Re: [Application] Penguin Patrol
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2013, 08:03 pm »
Denied, this review was way too matter of fact.  I didn't have to know half I read.
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