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[Denied] Unorthodox? Unauthorized.
« on: January 20, 2013, 04:03 pm »
Today I am reviewing Unorthodox by Spellmage. Please take time to read and enjoy.

Spellmage, Spell, the Milk man. One man that can make us laugh. He's a friend to most, and been through most on Sploder. Been a private, been a Soldier, been a Major, got to Soldier again, got features, been hacked, got to EGL. Most good, some bad there. But the thing about Spellmage is, he CAN make a great game. Take Lonely Roads for example, an epic RPG and in the EGL right to this day. But from his 3D games, we can all tell he's experienced. So, once Unorthodox was out, I had some high expectations for the game.  Seeing as from the past I have known Spellmage to make good ones.

As you get into the game, you're bound to realize. (If you're not extremely stupid...) That is not hard what so ever. But this isn't the point; Unorthodox is a game of moment, surprise, and reading. Not one of those actions games where all you do is go off on some stupid mission and go and kill something and win with a crystal. No, this is so much more. Which many people will never understand why it deserves its feature because honestly now, it is hard to understand. (This is where Youngcaliman comes in). All in fairness, you just need to go through the game and take time to think. If you take your time you begin to understand why this game deserves its ratings. Why it is good.

As we get into the Scenery, we begin to understand that this is more of a Scenery game that anything. The Scenery has been nicely worked on and has some very good touches in it. As for in some parts there’s a road leading like a path way. There are other parts that have also been worked on nicely.  As for the first few levels had some small rooms which I had a little look around and thought they fitted in nicely. As for they actually WENT IN with the levels. It would also actually suggest where your location was and sometimes you would guess before even reading about it, that’s the magic of it.

Most of the placements are quite random. It’s not like everything had exactly been planned out. There was a cabinet there, a cylinder there, it was pretty much madness. But somehow it actually worked out. Even though I’m not sure if it was EXACTLY planned out to look like that, it did work out fairly and wasn’t that bad.

Into the creativity, it was a very creative game. It wasn’t like others, where you have to go around and start killing the bad guys. This game actually had a decent concept and wasn’t a copy of some game made a few years ago. It was something fresh and new, creative. Therefore it is something many SHOULD enjoy
The whole point of the game is that it is a story game. There were some actual funny parts during the story, such as Tookewl smoking a pot of weed in the Bathroom. At first you don’t understand the game seeing as there are no enemies around, and in mostly every other game on Sploder there are actual enemies. I was thinking “Well what a waste of time, no enemies, no fun” But as you go deeper into the game you start to understand it. If you just rush that is why you think it’s a waste of time when really it isn’t, it’s a classic game that I really did enjoy. Therefore I think it is possibly the best 3D game made on Sploder so far.

Professionals’; Story line, everything went together, very creative, fantastic scenery.
Cons’; Didn’t find any.
Storyline; 5/5
Scenery; 5/5
Gameplay; 3/5 (There wasn’t any really so gave it more marks on based for story)
Fun; 3.5/5
Overall; 5/5

Overall, Unorthodox is one of the best games made on Sploder yet. Even though many people are yet to realize, I really did enjoy this game and think the score it got is what it’s worth. Feature worthy? Most defiantly. It could make it into Epic Game Library if it had just that little bit extra which I will let Spellmage figure out for himself. Really, it’s the best 3D game I have ever played and I wish for more in the future
Thank you. 
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Re: [Application] Unorthodox? Unauthorized.
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2013, 05:03 pm »
Nice review. All I can say is good luck. :)

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Re: [Application] Unorthodox? Unauthorized.
« Reply #2 on: January 20, 2013, 07:17 pm »
Just one thing, every item (the cabinets ect.) were specifically placed lol.

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Re: [Application] Unorthodox? Unauthorized.
« Reply #3 on: January 20, 2013, 11:58 pm »
I'm not denying or accepting this. It was bland to read, but had quality to it. Let another recruiter see.

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Re: [Application] Unorthodox? Unauthorized.
« Reply #4 on: January 21, 2013, 12:14 am »
Denied.  You try to be personal and it comes up short, and your little expository on Spell was more than informative.
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Re: [Application] Unorthodox? Unauthorized.
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Okay thanks. I'll try harder next time.