Author Topic: [Application] Oh, so the game was a guide itself?  (Read 708 times)

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[Application] Oh, so the game was a guide itself?
« on: January 18, 2013, 06:55 pm »

Game: Total Guide
Creator: 0minutes
Game Type: Platformer
Status: Currently Featured


Hello friends, today I will be reviewing a game called Total Guide by 0minutes. Now, 0minutes is a beginner to the site, but the game he has just produced has already received a feature, shocking. Anyway, 0minutes also happens to be the brother or Milking and Fliptokic. The main thing that made me review this game was its thumbnail, the thumbnail really stood out and caught my eye. It was insanely unique.

Game Play

So, the Game Play? The game play was some serious challenge, it was very hard to complete. I honestly never even finished it. The game was a bit crowded, but obviously some Editors love that type of style contained within games. It also got a feature corresponding to the Editors adoring that crowded style of games. The game had many various tiles and item, ornaments, decorations. Etc. The tiles actually stood out also, you could see where you was going. Thank God it wasn’t one of those dark games. It was also very immense, the map was colossal, no matter where you went. You could never see the background.


The puzzles were great, the way 0minutes put the pipe in the way and in order to go under you would need to crouch. That wasawesome, the puzzles were awesome. They were what made the game what it was. A game can never be a game if it doesn’t have traps in it. If it doesn’t have traps in it, that would make it the easiest game in the world.

Enemy Placement

The enemy placement was also good. Most of the monsters would just jump out at you causing you to flinch or something. Also, some of the other monsters just ambush you. Without you knowing that they’re there. That ambush factor just sums up the enemies contained within the game. 


The scenery was just perfect, flawless. The game has scenery scattered all around it. As I said before no matter where you went the background is not in site. The scenery 
Incredible, without scenery a game would just be boring and dull. Scenery is the key to unlocking that insanely epic thumbnail that you want.


This game had a huge amount of action in it. Just slicing your sword through those bad guys. Tell me that makes you get rid of your anger and makes you feel better. Action was awesome it was action-filled. Instead of Total Guide, it should have been called. Action Block. Block corresponding to the block-head main character.

Okay, time for the end of this review but before I vanish here are the ratings.

Score Board

Creativity: 4/5
Scenery: 5/5
Action: 5/5
Enemy Placement: 3/5
Puzzles: 4/5

Thanks for reading. Bye.

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Re: [Application] Oh, so the game was a guide itself?
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2013, 08:23 pm »
Denied.  Gimme some more style.  It was bland all the way through.
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Re: [Application] Oh, so the game was a guide itself?
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2013, 06:40 am »
Okay, I will try to improve my next review. Thanks.

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