Author Topic: A Trip Down Memory Lane (A Review for Space Invaders, Application)  (Read 481 times)

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Game: Space Invaders

Creator: wxg58

Type: Puzzle Maker

Intro: Though there have been some new versions of it, Space Invaders is and old game. Wxg58 has kept true to the design.

Gameplay: It really is an easy game, but addicting and fun. Using only the sideways arrow keys, it is easy to understand and play. Like the old Space Invaders, it's easy, but a bit challenging at the same time.

Difficulty: As I said before, it is an easy game, but that doesn't make it bad. It's addicting, but you can't play it with your eyes closed. But the walls, even though they protect you, make sort of too easy.

Design: It has a simple design, just a black background, and green enemies, a green player, and green walls. Simple is all this game really needs. 

Pros: It's simple and easy, but is a good game nonetheless.

Cons: It's short and almost too easy. Almost.


Gameplay: 8.5
Challenge: 3
Design: 2
Fun: 8.5


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