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Game: Mimicry
Creator: Tbremise
Type: PPG
Reviewer: the spartan

Hello all, this is ryanrider673 appling again! For this  unique review, I am reviewing a spectacular PPG game by the one and only...wait for it.....Tbremise and his game mimicry! So let's get started shall we.

Believe it or not, I have actually previously played this game, to be totally honest, I only played this as it was by tbremise, however, the thumbnail was instantly eye-catching!

Well, strangley for a PPG game, no intro was involved, it was straight and to the game. It didn't turn out as hard as I expected as I started off this incredible game, however....boy did it get complicated in a space of a few stages! Moving platforms here and there, talk about action!

The main objective is to collect all the coins without touching anything the same colour as your player. This was tricky enough! But of course, tbremise adds TWO! Yes you heard correctly, TWO players to control at the same time. But thankfully , tbremise was nice enough to make it a bit easier as he inserted the same route but mirrored for the two PCs (Playable characters). So all was not tricky...

Untill I reached halfway that is! I touched on this before with the flying blocks tossing about. Well, not literally that is. The blocks were moving up and down, side to side, madness!

Well, they're not really puzzles but areas that require fast reflexes to cope with. The way tbremise placed them was incredible, it really showed how difficult he can make these seem! Seriously, a lot of people had and will struggle with these immense challenges. All I can say is be prepared.

Cons +1
Attractive thumbnail

Cons -1
Basic scenery (black 'n' white)

Subtotal: +3

Gameplay: 8/10
Scenery: 6/10
Placement: 10/10
Challenging situations: 8/10
Diffiulty: 8/10
Subtotal: +3

Total: 47/50

Feature worhty: Yes, this game proves a challenge and requires many unique skills to comeplete.

Conclusion: Mimicry is another amazing PPG game by tbremise and deserves full attention
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Denied. I like your review structure, you just haven't wrote enough.