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Paint It Black [EGL] (Application)
« on: January 12, 2013, 02:21 pm »
2nd Application.

Game: Paint It Black
Type: Platformer
Creator: Youngcaliman

Paint In Black, an amazing game from the amazing Youngcaliman. Youngcaliman has been creating awesome games, not only platform but ppg, shooter and algorithm crew.


Well, my initial thoughts were "platform? Youngcaliman? This has to be a good one!" I have always been a huge fan of Youngcaliman and i will always be. The quality of Young´s games does not get below "epicness." I already thought it was going to be an awesome gamw but I didn´y know it was going to be that epic!


Paint It Black isn´t a normal game, it´s like a demostration of the Platform Game Creator Possibilities. If you ever get far in this game, do not thinks it´s over becouse there are still millions of traps and puzzles to get through. In my opinion, longitude is a Key Tool to success. Longitued allows the player to keep active and entretained. The game has a white, black and blue theme all over the game. This theme has been very cleverly placed, the blue and the black colours contrast the white. The theme is connected to the title becouse it has a black lighting effect. But it doesn´t stop there, the game also has puzzles, traps and boss battles!

Let´s talk about the puzzles. They are unique, just like your personality. The puzzles prove Youngcaliman´s effort making this magical game.  They are not the usuall puzzles that everyone uses, there are new incredible puzzles that sock you even more! First of all, they are strange, who would ever use a teleport for a puzzle? Second of all, they tested your platform abilities. Some of them required checkpoints and death. I was really amused in the way he used "logs" to create puzzles. Some of the puzzles were over-used, like the barrel ones!

Let´s talk about the scenery. YoungCaliman used water as blue paint and black tiles as black paint. This was created very cleverly becouse it matched the title [Paint It Black.] The colours were mainly black, blue and white. The decoration was very low becouse Young used the black lighting effect as the main decoration. I was really impressed in the way he used other techniques like symettry to create the game.

Placement has been another success in this game. The placement of enemies, blocks and powers up were cleverly placed. If you abuse of them, the game would be “not worthy” but Young has used the perfect amount. The health and the powers-up were placed in a way that made it possible. The first levels didn´t require lives but the last ones did. Lives were essential becouse they were the key of some puzzles, like the ones you had to touch a checkpoint and then die... The placement of the powers-up were mainly at the latest levels. Placement has been a crucial element in this game!

In my opinion, Young is one of the best members of sploder. He never dissapoints me. His games show magic, effort and epicness. This game has taken Young a little bit higher in the epicness rank. This game shows new puzzles, amazing scenery, clever placement and longitude.

Not everything was hapiness and epicness, Paint It Black had it´s bad issues. The main issue I found was the traps, I didn´t find lots of them. I was quite dissapointed about this becouse Young usually creates amazing traps.

Amazing things I found:





Action: 3/5

Puzzles and traps: 2/5

Creativity: 5/5

Placement: 5/5

Scenery: 5/5


I found this an amazing game. Again. This game allows the player to have fun. It testes you abilities like no other game. Overall, an epic game.

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Re: Paint It Black [EGL] (Application)
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2013, 03:55 pm »
xD You spelled the game's name correct now! c:

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Re: Paint It Black [EGL] (Application)
« Reply #3 on: January 12, 2013, 05:26 pm »
Good Review In All Honesty,There Was A Few Mistakes that need To Be dusted Up Though.

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Re: Paint It Black [EGL] (Application)
« Reply #4 on: January 12, 2013, 07:23 pm »
Denied. Many spelling and grammar errors.