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Rules and Information (Updated 1/9/13)
« on: January 09, 2013, 12:53 am »
This is the rule-book that Lieutenant League follows to try and keep the forum atmosphere friendly and fun for everyone. I'm sure some of you wonder why rules are fun, essentially they aren't, neither is punishment, but we need to preserve the Terms of Service the best we can on the forum so everyone has a good time. I hope you'll cooperate with us to try and make it a great place :)

1.   Bypassing and inappropriate language (ToS) is forbidden:
         a.   This means you cannot bypass the censor in any form in any category as well as post anything inappropriate, as described by ToS.
         b.   Approximate Punishment: 2 Days POW

2.   Spamming is forbidden:
         a.   By definition spamming is posting the same thing consecutively and/or irrelevant gibberish comments. Therefore you cannot post the same thing over and over or make multiple threads about the same thing, even if you are trying to make a point. (Excessive means more than 2 or 3 times. Reposting something twice is not considered spam). Also note random gibberish such as "sdjfidosav" or other inane comments are considered spam.
         b.   Approximate Punishment: 2 Days POW

3.   Racism is forbidden:
         a.   Racism will not be tolerated on the forum. Personal views are allowed but if it is racist then keep it to yourself.
         b.   Punishment: 3 Days POW

4.   “Flaming” is forbidden:
         a.   By definition “flaming” is insulting other members during an argument or in general discussion in a harmful manner. Though opposing views are allowed and debates among members are normal; at no time should one go to insult others. No matter the reason.
         b.   Approximate Punishment: 4 Days POW

5.   Multiple Accounts is forbidden:
         a.   At no point in time will you be allowed to hold more than one forum account, unless given permission by a general or Geoff himself. The other account though will be terminated.
         b.   Approximate Punishment: 2 Days POW

6. Inappropriate pictures/videos are forbidden:
         a.   There are absolutely no inappropriate pictures/videos allowed on this site. This means that pictures or videos that reveal anything in an innapropriately sexual or provocative way are not allowed. This is heavily up to staff discretion. If you aren't sure what to post, ask us or go by this simple little rule: would your grandma approve of you posting it? ;)
         b.  Approximate Punishment: Varies from extended POW time and permanent ban.

7.   Post according to category and on topic:
         a.   This means that you should post in accordance to the category and topic at hand. Stay on topic unless you own the thread you are posting in or are given permission by the own by either a said permission or the person joins in the off topic discussion. Also do not post certain things in categories that specifically ask for only one specific thing. Example: You may only post reviewer applications in a certain place, games in a certain place, etc
         c.  Approximate Punishment: Often results in a warning. If you constantly go off topic or put threads in the wrong category punishment is at discretion of Sploder Staff.

8.   Forbidden Signatures:
         a.   At no time may you have a signature that breaks any of the above rules or is too large and thus causes problems. Use your judgment for this rule. If you are not sure if you have a rule-breaking signature, you can inform a Staff member and we will tell you.
         b.   If not removed upon request, will be manually removed with possible POW time.

9.   Advertising is forbidden:
         a. If you must, go to your forum files and add the website into the description. It will appear as a small globe under your avatar. Any other circumstances are prohibited: PM'ing members, creating advertising threads, advertising comments, etc.
            It also has come to my attention that certain owners of these advertised forums have been using everyone who has applied. They take the password of that user and then see if it matches on the MS. This is how quite a few people are getting hacked. I strongly advise using a different password if you truly want to go to another side forum.
         b. Will result in warning and deleted advertisement; continued offenses will lead to varying POW time.

10.   Encouraging Rule Breaking is forbidden:
         a. This is self explanatory; if you encourage others to break the rules under any circumstances you can be punished as well.
         b. May receive same punishment as those who did the rule-breaking act.

All punishments, minor or major, are at the discretion of Lieutenant League and may be a longer or shorter than the approximate time, listed previously, in terms of severity. If you commit multiple offenses, days may be added together from the above punishment list or will be decided by the Lieutenant League.

All category-specific rules have equal punishment as well, especially those in Main Site recruiting categories.

Only the Barracks category, Bunker (for Soldiers), and three others (For Lieutenants and Generals) have modified rules and are so clearly stated in said categories. Those modified rules only pertain to these three categories. There are no exceptions to rules outside the Barracks, Bunker, and Staff categories.

The ToS serves as the ultimate guide in which we will create rules; even if not explicitly mentioned here, the ToS will be enforced on the forums.

If you have any questions regarding the rules stated, please Private Message (PM) any of the staff and we will clear up any confusion.

Sploder Staff :)
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