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366 Awesome days in the year
« on: January 03, 2013, 12:09 pm »
Simple alternative to the forum game by alexmd.

Character facts:
Nationality...I'll let the next poster decide
Religion: don't mention it
Fave food*...burgers and broccoli
Lives in*...I'll let the next poster decide
Current year...2016
Name of school*...Liam Fort Pvt. School
Friends*....John Fort
Enemies* one
Girlfriend*...not suggested

*these categories can change by someone's post! If your post changes one of these categories, pm me the change. So check this fact file to make the story blend in.

1st January
New year was a blast. Literally! The main attraction of the city was showered with fireworks, part of the building was torn down. At first things looked down but my dad designed that part of building in such a way, it put it self back together. The minister gave him a secret prize.

In the morning, I saw a present under my bed. The minister had given my dad 5 exclusive coupons to the most expenSive store in town. He got me a diary, a diary formatted to keep me writing, by a psychologist. I played football that night and when I got to bed I forgot that school was tomorrow! Luckily my mum arranged everything.
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