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S.C.O.U.R.G.E (Sponsoring Sorcery)

S.C.O.U.R.G.E: Operation Geoffocide!
Attention citizens of sploder! this is Minjaze, Your new supreme ruler and master. As some of You know, I have formed an evil, underground, organisation, called "S.C.O.U.R.G.E" You all thought it was a joke? well now, our evil attack on sploder officially begins! We will dominate all other groups, and factions, until we conquer all of sploder! Bwahahaha!!! All followers, current members of S.C.O.U.R.G.E (and other evil people) please come here and join me in my conquest, for now a new era officially begins! We will create a new universe of perfection, we will reshape this world into our image! We will create a thousand year rule! we will exterminate the weak, and leave only the strong and loyal! We have waited long enough, the attack begins now!! So, If You wish to join us, please say so bellow.And Just like the rest of the current "Factions" this is a new organisation.
Show Your support by using our banner In your signature!
Heil Minjaze!
Note: If You wish to join, please Pm Myself, Redstorm, or a general!
Also, Join 55BeloZer0, our ally.

Also, join Sorcery, our sponsor:,316191.0.html

Minjaze - Supreme Leader

Redstorm - Supreme commander

Ju44 - Commander III

Alonessix - Commander III (If he comes back)

Big Squiddy - Commander III

Beefy - Commander III

Kittysocks - Commander III

Shadross - Commander III

Moola- Commander III

Enderchimera - Commander III

CrystalCoveFreak - Commander I

Milking-Commander I

Ripto - Commander II/Advisor

TheWindLord - Commander III/Advisor

Jmc10 - Commander II

Death83 - Commander III

Eyenstein - Acolyte

FurFur - Commander II

Bluefire - Commander III

All ranks except for supplementary ranks have the powers of all ranks below them.

Supreme Leader - Holds ultimate power over SCOURGE

Supreme Commander - Holds ALMOST ultimate power over SCOURGE

Advisor (Supplementary) - Can advise members above Commander III

Commander III - Hold lots of power, can promote/demote members

Commander II - Holds some power, can promote to Field Agent and below

Commander I - Holds a bit of power, can promote to Acolyte and below

Field Agent - Specially trained commando, gets to have special weapons in SCOURGE HoH

Acolyte - Doesn't sleep in any of the barracks, get his/her own room, has good magical powers

Spy - Spies one stuff, secret rank

Neophyte - Has minor magic, sleeps in a barracks.

(Credit to Alonessix for the updates)

You can find all other S.C.O.U.R.G.E threads here:


Sounds like Count Bleck.

"I'm going to make a perfect universe, but first everything needs to be destroyed!"
But in reality he just destroys everything.

I'm in!


--- Quote from: ju44 on December 02, 2012, 05:31 am ---Sounds like Count Bleck.

"I'm going to make a perfect universe, but first everything needs to be destroyed!"
But in reality he just destroys everything.

I'm in!

--- End quote ---
Excellent! You are now officially second-in-command!
Please recruit more members to our cause, we need to outnumber the rest of the factions! 

To all who haven't seen it Yet, here's a link to our official website!

Now sponsored by Operation Double Rainbow!


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