Author Topic: Shuffled Up (Featured game guessing game!)  (Read 98 times)

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Shuffled Up (Featured game guessing game!)
« on: November 16, 2012, 02:45 pm »
Hello, guys. Here, you can guess the featured game that has been jumbled up. There will be 25 every weekend! Whoever gets 10, 20 or all 25 by the end of the week will get an MS award, or a review if you have a review worthy game. That review will not be an MS review, however, as EGD is a priority. This will be going on until Christmas. And BEGIN!

1. gisMincauane
2. ugJonlJee
3. mEnOfMingad
4. xtNe
5. oMwe
6. xGter2i
7. nyaMa
8. BKiilelrbe
9. treDsede
10. eOnzo

There will only be 10 for now until people guess the first few correctly.