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Once again, it is time to fess up.

First of all, I'd just like to say to our newer and remind the rest of you that alternative accounts are not allowed on the forum. On the forum you get one and only one account. (Unless you have special permission from a Moderator.)

That being said it is that time again where we ask you all to fess up to any unapproved alts you may have. Admit them to us now and no punishment will come your way. If after this we catch you with an alt then you will not be so lucky.

...I am MrTunnel :)

Mechasinism G will tell you my alt.
I am mozart12, I used a e-mail I forgot the password to on mozart12 signup.

I have none and don't plan to.

I also want all history of my MS alts wiped, and the same with my forum alts..Please


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