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The Epic Reviewer Library
« on: September 04, 2012, 10:08 am »
Welcome to the Epic Reviewer Library,
this is where we Enshrine the best of all the reviewers for an eternity. Only those who have proven their worth may be inducted. Headed by Leegee, Moola, JJS, and the rest of the soldiers+ (? or reviewers) the greatest reviewers shall be recognized in this legendary hall.

To get into this little sanctuary you must be voted in, and trust me, this will be no easy feat.

When inducted the latest review of the user will be given a special link. If the user inducted wants to change the link then pm me the new link and I'll change it for ya.

Luigi has been a reviewer for a long time now and he has perfected the art of thoroughly describing a game. Many people can do that, but Luigi does it the best. He can give so many details on such a small portion, his reviewers are exceedingly impressive, you can tell he spends his time on them, or at least knows what he is going to say. There is no game out of Luigi's limits, hence why he was entered into the ERL.
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Greatest Review

Despite the large amount of Reviewers there are on Sploder, only few hold that capacity to keep the reader entertained throughout the whole review, Moolatycoon is in those very few. He brings some humour and easy to read style of reviewing to the table which is enjoyable to read. He's tossed around a few different styles, including bringing food into his reviews as humour etc. It only took him a couple of reviews once appointed and was then selected as a recruiter, which is a pretty clear sign of the quality and his perception on how reviews should, and could be. He placed 2nd, only by a point in the 1st Royal Review Rumble, which is why he today sits in the Epic Reviewer Library.
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Greatest Review

When making a review, Bg knows the meaning of the term efficiency. She is able to find the most important parts of the game and tackle them with opinions. She knows what to review and how. Her experience in the kitc-her experience in reviewing has given her a vast knowledge of the game she is reviewing. That is why she has earned her rightful place in the ERL.
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Greatest Review

Over the past few years, Spida has learned the ways of the review. He is extremely descriptive and knows exactly what he is doing when he reviews. His rare reviews are interesting yet informative, and provide a bit of entertainment for the reader. He can get his ideas and thoughts out there, while having a clear on concise review. Spidapig never fails to disappoint, hence why he had been inducted into the ERL.
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Best Review
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