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(New and Improved!) Award Guide & Information

Award Guide & Information (Wow! Epic! Mind-Blown!)
    Welcome to the new and improved version of the award information guide. Feel free to take a look around, you'll probably find information that you never knew. This guide's purpose is to inform the users on the current awards in the Sploder Community Forums and to provide a quick and easy access to see what is the award is about with possible background information. Also know that I might have purposely skipped a few awards because they show no meaning and it's just junk.... I don't want to waste your time. You can PM me if you have any questions about this guide. Alright? Okay? Let's start!

Table of Contents

        Forum Awards:
                          Bronze Forum Award | "For being a good forum member"
                          Silver Forum Award | "For being a good forum member"
                          Gold Forum Award | "For being a good forum member"

        Membership Awards:
                          Staff Award | "For being a good staff member"
                          Deputy Award | "For being a big help to the staff"
                          Arrow to the Knee Award | "For being a good sport and taking one for the team"
                          Flash Award | "For being quick to the punch"
                          Comment Award | "For leaving great comments"

        Game Awards:
               Playing Games
                          Sharpshooter Award | "For beating the hardest shooter games"
                          Gamer Award | "For being a hardcore game player"
               Making Games
                          Arcade Award | "For making games that are blast to play"
                          Artist Award | "For being a great game artist"
                          Glitch Award | "For finding the most glitches in games"

        Contest Awards:
               Trials 2012

        Sport Awards:
               American Football




  Bronze Forum Award
Award ID: 1
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Description: "For being a good forum member"

   The Bronze Forum Award is part of the original 26 awards that was added onto the forums when it was created (referred to the transition between the Vanilla forum and the SMF forum), which means it was created by Geoff. This was also the very first award created by Geoff. The Bronze Forum Award is considered lower than the Silver, Gold, and Diamond award but it is still a valuable award.


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