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Epic Mining
« on: September 25, 2012, 01:22 am »
Basically, it's a mining game when you mine to find materials and get awards. It's really fun and it's also recommended for those that don't get awards that often.

[How To Play]
There will be a map called a 'Stud Indicator'. This indicates where you are mining and more. Here is a small example of a stud indicator...
To get down a stud, you need to say "-1 stud". You can only go down 1 stud at a time unless you have upgrades. You must wait 'till I say you are in the stud you wanted to go to then you can say "-1 stud" again.
When you go down 1 stud, you will mine stones. Stones are worth 5 cents which we will talk about values later.
 To search for ores in the current stud you are in, say "Search ores" and wait for me to say what ore you found (or if you have not found anything). The lower your stud, the more rarer materials you get.
Now here comes the 'levels'. The higher your level, the lower stud you can get. To gain up levels, you need to earn level points which you earn by going about experiencing on Epic Mining.
When you are mining and you want to go back to the surface, just say you want to go back to the surface and I will say you are in the surface.
Now that we covered mining, let's cover the surface! These areas in the surfaces are only accessable when you are on the surface.
First is the "Trading Centre". This is where you trade ores for money to spend on.
Let's move onto the "Shop". The shop allows you to upgrade stuff.
Now to the "Blacksmith". The blacksmith has 2 stages; first is the "furnace". It's when you convert ores into materials which you can use to make styles of award. The 2nd stage is crafting materials. The more materials of a certain kind you have, the more type of styles you can get.
Sorry, I lied. There's a 3rd stage. The 3rd stage is when you combine decorations and the materialized styled award together to be an official award. Once completed, the award is headed off to the "Award Centre".
Next is the "Decorations Shop" where you buy icons.
Lastly is the "Award Centre" where you may claim your awards. You can only claim 1 award per day so that other people can claim their awards and I'll have enough space for everyone to get an award.

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