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Stronghold Strike

This is a game show I had in mind. I'll keep it in the bin for now.

This game show involves two sides, each with their own categories. The two sides are named LEFT (Laboriously Engineering Fortresses Team) and RIGHT (Ramparts and Impeccable Garrisons Hostile Team). The two sides cannot see each others' category. These sides must build a stronghold for their team by foraging for resources like timber, iron, etc. This is done by posting in a certain 'Resource foraging' thread. Both sides have their own resource foraging thread and a refining thread.

•••The Resource Foraging Thread
In this thread, a member can forage for, and gain, resources, that will strengthen their citadel. To attempt to forage for a resource, the player simply has to post one of these commands:
Dig and mine
Chop tree
If any resource is obtained, it automatically goes towards building up your stronghold, with the exception of iron and copper, which much first be refined.

•••Dig and Mine
Posting 'Dig and Mine' in the Resource Foraging thread will yield these possibilities:
Dirt (401-1000) [60% chance] [+1 defense]
Stone (151-400) [25% chance] [+2 defense]
Iron (51-150) [10% chance] [+3 defense]
Copper (1-50) [5% chance] [+4 defense]
Iron and copper must be refined in order to use them. To refine them, simply post 'Refine iron/copper' in the Refining thread. Then, one of your iron/copper ores will be refined, and will automatically added to the stronghold once refined. You can only refine your own iron/copper, and can only refine one ore per post.

•••Chop Tree
Posting 'Chop tree' in the Resource Foraging thread will yield these possibilities:
Pine (601-1000) [40% chance] [+.25 defense]
Birch (301-600) [30% chance] [+.5 defense]
Maple (101-300) [20% chance] [+1 defense]
Oak (1-100) [10% chance] [+1.5 defense]
Although logs are weaker than the mined/shoveled counterparts, you receive two logs per post. The two logs received will not necessarily be the same logs, though.

The stronghold is the centerpiece of the whole game. The gathering of resources is to build up and fortify the stronghold, to make it more resistant to enemy attacks. After a period of time, resource-collecting will be over, and war between the two sides will start. When war starts, only 1 category will be visible: the battlefield. In that category is two threads; the LEFT stronghold and the RIGHT stronghold. The goal of a team is to post as much as possible in their opponent's stronghold, until they destroy the stronghold. The first team to destroy their opponent's stronghold is the winner. This is how it works:
A stronghold's hitpoints is determined by the number of defense points earned by the team that owns the stronghold. So, if the LEFT team earned 342 defense points, the LEFT stronghold will have 342 hitpoints. A team attacks the opposing stronghold by posting in it. Each attack lowers the hitpoints by 1. So, if a RIGHT team member attacks the LEFT stronghold by posting in it, and the LEFT stronghold had 342 hitpoints, it now has 341 hitpoints. A stronghold is destroyed when it reaches 0 hitpoints, so the RIGHT team would have to post 342 times in a 342-hitpoint LEFT stronghold in order to destroy it. Be wary, though; posting in your own stronghold WILL count as friendly fire.
Prediction made on December 2nd, 2012: Jammy has now publicly announced he is going inactive and is forgoing his general rank. I am thus led to believe that a nomination of someone to the general rank is underway. Given that superluigi is relatively eager to fix the odd-one-out in his triumvirate, and that I am active, I am predicting that I will soon become general, perhaps in no more tha two weeks. In the case that my prediction rings true, I will announce that I predicted it and show this statement as proof. Proof of the date of this prediction can be seen in the 'Last edited by:' section.


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