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PANDA Entertainment presents.. Himself.
« on: August 04, 2012, 12:35 am »
Greetings, visitor!
Yesterday(My first day in forum), I can't add an introduction, because I was busy. Now I tell you something about me, and my work. Let's see then.

I am a 18 years old, male from Hungary. My real "work" was private server developer, it is means I was the guy who moderate, developed/updated some servers, where someone needs a right hand. I worked 5years in private servers, in this time I created custom items, quests, characters, websites, forums... moderate players, help the new players etc.. This work looks like: You are a moderator, developer, designer in same time.
In this 5 years I get many friends, created own server and created amazing things! My currently goal in sploder, get new friends, create a little game creator community, who create some "bigger games", following a story. These games are looks like World of Warcraft expanse, just a little bit different than WoW.

I want to use 2 place(From Cataclysm: The Maelstrom and Vashj'ir), what developed by Blizzard. I looking for developers who help me, but please if you want to help in this 2 place, first learn something about the 2 places.(Good if you already played WoW.) You can read more about the developer application here:,289169.0.html

Thanks for spent time to read my introduction!

Kind Regards, PANDA Entertainment