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Editor's Corner Rules and Regulations
Welcome to the Editor's Corner, a category for all things Editor related. If you have questions about the job of an Editor or really anything else about Editors then this is the place to ask them. However, there are a few things that we'd like you to keep in mind:

* Don't use this as a place to ask to have your games featured. You should never ask to have you games featured. EVER.
* Don't post games here.
* Do not post here asking to be made an Editor or for the Editor application. You will only hurt your chances of ever being an Editor.
* Anybody and everybody is free to post in this category, just so long as you stay on topic. All of topic discussions here will be closed or deleted.
* Editors, if you are questioning whether or not a particular game is feature worthy then this is the best place to ask about it.
* "Penguins are Awesome". (Remember that. I could save your life one day.)
* As always, have fun!-Superluigi77, Head of Editor Recruitment-


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