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P.E.G. Studios .:Gaming Sponsorship:. ~41 Featured Games~ [7 Trailers]


For any updates that are needed to be added, please post them inTHIS THREAD!

Yes this is another gaming sponsorship however this is going to be different but this will be different in a better way. Why? you may ask. Well firstly this sponsorship name in front of your "HYPE" thread would mean that you are for one a great game maker and two, the game that you are "HYPING" isn't nonsense but a game that they will want to play. For I will only be accepting the best and none other then the best.

You see my goal is to become number 1 in this (if you could call it business) the same as the reviewers have their little "businesses" but this is just better because this helps you 1: Get more views and 2: Be recognized by many as I doubt no more then 20 members in the whole of Sploder will qualify for this EPIC game sponsorship.   

Okay now I bet that you are wondering what you will get if you are approved by "P.E.G Studios"?
1: I will personally be a tester and give you the best advise that I can possibly give you to help you achieve a featured game.
2: I would like to get reviewers and or myself for when the game is in [HYPE] to write a review on the game and tell others about it. (This is how the game will get not only noticed by readers of the hype thread but other members that may have missed it and I have my connections ;D)
3: Each game that you make gets put into the "Game Archive" While this archive will never be removed from the thread your game will forever have publicity.

Now you would like to know how to apply?
Of course you do.
Firstly you would have to have a minimum of 2 featured games. If you do not have that then don't ask to join because you will be denied without any hesitation.

Okay so now how you apply is going to be as follows. You are going to WHISPER ME! asking if you can join, but remember you have to be within the qualifications. if you do not follow this simple instruction you will not be accepted.
You see very simple things to do to join.
Please note that all games that you make you have to run firstly by me so I can approve if it's worthy or not.

Finally the rules of the thread:
1: If you are a member you may discuss freely and debate ect. If you are not you will have limitations on what you may say in this thread. (Those limitations are that you may only comment on a game that you have played saying if you liked it or not.
2: No going off topic.
3: Obviously no bypassing and no flaming if you do and you are a member I will kick you or suspend you. And if you are not a member of P.E.G Studios you will be banned from posting on the thread and you will banned from joining P.E.G Studios.
4: If you ask a question that is clearly stated above, that would show me that you never read any of this and I'll instantly facepalm you and deny you.

Please enjoy and rate of what you think of P.E.G Studios. (Even if you are not a member you may rate ;))

If you have any suggestions that you would like to have in this thread please tell me about it so I can think about it.

If you can't get into P.E.G Studios don't be down, come visit our brother site and you might get in: Editor Studios

Link to the games archive with all views
And if you would like a poster made, wheather you're apart of P.E.G or not visit this link

P.E.G Studio Members List: - Deathleaf - Original big boss
- Youngcaliman - (The little Big Boss)
- Mat7772 - New big boss. :O
  - Elroysice   
- Ppphantasm
- Myownself
- Spellmage
- Moolatycoon
  - Splatter
- Stanleykitten 
- Jeff385
- Turtlee
- Troyio
- Liammead
- Staylor21fan
- Lumberjay
- Patelio03
- Mshaafay
- 559369
- Probe5
- Shadross
- Aditya75

- Deathleaf - Reviews made:
Vortex: Beyond the Grave

- Thunderleaf - Reviews made:
Simplicity : By Myownself
RaveQuest 3 : By Elroysice
Desert : By Patelio03

Banned Members:

Game Archive:

To view the game archive CLICK HERE Please do not comment on this thread at all times, if you have whisper the comment to yourself!


It is my honor to say that Stanleykitten is in the P.E.G Studios Hall Of Fame for helping another member get his game into the EGL, this is a great achievement and definitely deserves to be in the Hall Of Fame!

It is my honor to say that Moolatycoon is in the P.E.G Studios Hall Of fame, for he has made an amazing game, no only in my opinion but in the Sploder EGL. Helped by a friend and now they can embrace the feeling of success knowing that they are the first to be in the Hall of Fame!

It is my honor to say that Spellmage is in the P.E.G Studios Hall Of Fame. It was a tough decision that Spellmage had to make, he made a thread asking whether to join P.E.G or Coat Of Arms, and he chose us. Then bringing out one of the best platformers that Sploder has ever seen, It was his first platformer he had ever made and it was so amazing that it earned him a place in the P.E.G Hall Of Fame![color]

Deathleaf was the original finder of PEG Studios, without him, we wouldn't be in this wonderful studio today. He has also created many magnificent games for PEG, so it is my pleasure to announce that deathleaf is now in the PEG Studios Hall of Fame. Well done!


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