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.:{Elemental Revolution}:.
« on: July 27, 2012, 07:20 pm »
Elemental Revolution

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Welcome to Elemental Revolution!
Elemental Revolution is the merged discussion of the 'Water Tribe', 'Earth Kingdom', 'Fire Nation' and 'Air Nomads'.

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Avatar = The highest rank of all which is positioned to Antmarch123 (only). Can do anything plus has all 4 elements.
Head Of Team Avatar = The co-owner of Elemental Revolution. Can do anything (some actions may need permission from the Avatar).
Team Avatar = The administrators of Elemental Revolution. Can kick, ban, promote, demote and join.
Bender = The normal rank. Has no powers.
Imprisoned = A member that has been banned for a limited of time.
Past Life = A member that has been banned eternally.



Element: Water/Earth/Fire/Air
Have you watched 'Avatar the last airbender':
Why do you want to join:
Hey, I just met you!
And this is crazy!
But here's my smile! ;)
So smile me back maybe!