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.:[Disturbed Planet RPFG]:.
« on: July 27, 2012, 04:36 am »
Welcome to Disturbed Planet RPFG. A forum game based on my upcoming project 'Disturbed Planet'.

Year 3012
You, a space wanderer has crash landed on a Mars-Looking planet. You got off your splodepit and wander off for help. You see a camping site. It seems like the camp site was built by human survivalists that crash landed some while ago. You head there and they greet you. You then join their group and work together to escape planet.

Mission 1 (Scouting The Mountain) = Our guards have spotted a few aliens on top of the mountain. Get up there and exterminate them. This is your chance to witness the aliens in this planet.
Solo/Co-Op Mission
Reward: 100 Zs (per person)
Elimination Mission Type
Special: None

[Research Lab]
As you progress through the game, you will encounter new aliens, materials, places, etc. They will all be stored in the research lab. Currently, it is empty since this RPFG have just started.


Name (what you want to be called in the game):
User (class): M-User (Specializes in the magical power of nature but no infinite use of abilities.) / A-User (Specializes as a user that uses arts like stealth but no weapons.) / T-User (Specializes in high-tech gadgets but no armour.
Will you be active:
Are you aware of my upcoming project 'Disturbed Planet':
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