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Atombomb5 Games Contest
« on: August 25, 2012, 10:09 am »
For the people that didn't know about this on July 3rd, or the day the contest started, can now join up on the contest!

Give in a game under the following categories, which are the different types of games you made your game in:

- Shooter
     -- Ship
     -- Robot
- Platformer
- Algorithm Crew, or 3D Game
- Physics Puzzle

Then put your game under the subcategories below, which is the genre of your game:

- Adventure
- Action
- Puzzle
- Trivia
- Sports
- Defense
- Skill
- Shooting
- Simulation

No movie games can enter. Sorry.

If your category is not in the following, you may suggest a category.

The winner for the best game in each of the subcategories is displayed on October 3rd. They will receive minor awards. The winner for the best game in each of the categories is displayed on October 10th. They will receive major awards. The best game is displayed on October 17th. The winner will receive the grand award.
Entries so far...

- trg
     -- The Grey Ninja
       - Physics Puzzle
        - Adventure

- coollin99s
     -- Tropical Disaster
       - Platformer
        - Adventure
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Re: Atombomb5 Games Contest
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